Garden keepers of the Arken Tower

“The Garden keepers of the Arken Tower” are, according to the commoners, an organization that supplies the few and well kept public and non-public gardens of Ilo with expert caretakers. Only one percent of Ilo’s population, the inhabitants of The Arken Tower, knows about the other face of the organization.   Espionage, sabotage, infiltration, assassination and guerrilla warfare —for the good of the common people.    


  Their public goal is to keep the gardens of Ilo healthy and beautiful. The hidden goal is to protect the common people by removing and rearranging obstacles.      


  Long ago, when the old kingdom of Ilozitha was still alive, the ruling royal family treated its people poorly by demanding high taxes even though the harvests were getting worse every year. They also kept warring with neighboring countries and forced all men to enlist in their army.   In 750BP the common people had suffered abuse for several hundred years, but they were rising. They were learning how to fight and how to assassinate. They would take down the royalty with their own hands.   The families of Sanan, Devano and Kazora had already started planning a revolution. However, there were some high royals with their wits about them, Lord Onogora and Togari to name a couple, who realized what was about to happen.   In 729BP they used the people’s unrest to fuel a reform of the absolute monarchy into a direct democracy by removing the title of king and institute the title of High Lord, a lord chosen by the people to work for and protect the people. As a country is nothing without its people.   During the next 20 years new high lords never sat on their post for long, the people voting to remove them as soon as they happened to do something that was against some of the people’s taste. That is, until Kanta was voted in as a high lord. With the help of the Sanan, Devano and Kazora families the young man quickly reformed the government again and instituted the speaker for the people and the council of the Arken Tower. This government system stayed.   The council of the Arken Tower kept using the services of the Sanan, Devano and Kazora families and years later most of those families belonged to the council as royalties themselves.   Centuries later, in 176BP, Ilo took flight and "the garden keepers of the Arken Tower" was instated as a civil service together with the Ilo transport company and the Guardsmen. The Guardsmen were to protect Ilo, the train mechanics and drivers were to quickly carry the bodies of the people where they wanted to go and the gardeners were to care for the many public and private gardens that High Lord Anzuro had created on Ilo so that the minds of the people could look upon beauty and be at peace.   The gardeners of the Arken Tower was a small organization in the beginning and it is not known if any of the old families of Sanan, Devano and Kazora had anything to do with the organization back then. But they would have everything to do with it in the future.   Ilo's borders were open and thus many people of other species and ethnicities visited the new wondrous floating island, many of those people stayed and became inhabitants as well. The "new" government system and better relations with other countries helped Ilo flourish.   The population of Ilo grew steadily. With many different cultures and value systems trying to live together conflict among the common people grew and a need for surveillance and relocation arose. The organization grew slowly but surely feeding on the unrest of its people. The public wasn’t aware of the growth and the beginnings of an organized group watching them and the royalty.   It was somewhere here in 134BP that the council of the Arken tower instated the other face of the organization and formed the hidden council. It is believed that the then current “Speaker of the people”, a possible offspring of Kanta, was the one who did it together with High Lord Anzuro. That was the last thing of note that the famous High Lord did before his demise of natural causes.   The High Lord when the infection struck in 0BP was the current High Lord Anbona. The unrest among all the people of Ilo grew to a crescendo when the borders of Ilo had to close. Everyone was now stuck on the island while a plague tormented the people below them. More gardens were created and more gardeners were hired. Trying to quell the turmoil growing even more and set the minds of its people to rest.   There were many reasons why the people were upset, among those were the fact that Ilo kept floating because of ark. If they could not collect ark from the mines or trade for it from merchants who visited Ilo would fall from the sky.   High Lord Anzuro had already thought about that and had shared a solution with the council of the Arken Tower before his death and they could now tell the people how they had gotten ark for the last 140 years. The Dae had many uses.   The people who felt bad about the people on the surface was reminded that High Lord Anzuro had tried to warn them about what would happen, but they had ignored him. There was nothing that could be done about them.   There were still fear mongers and other people that had to be taken care of and the hidden council saw to it that the gardeners did.   The people of Ilo are now living leisurely floating over a decaying planet under the watchful eyes of the gardeners.
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  The government of Ilo gets its assets by collecting taxes from all of its people. Even the royalty. The size of everyone's taxes depends on how much money that they earn. They also collect money from the civil services that they run.   The entire wealth of Ilo is at the disposal of the organization. Not many are aware of that fact, though.
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  The lowest gardeners are the apprentices. They are completely green and are around 13-16 years old when they start their apprenticeships. They are studying under regular gardeners who have been approved to keep apprentices by the council of the Arken Tower. The Council has very little to do with the apprentices. When the apprenticeship is over after three years the youngsters are allowed to apply for a job as a gardener.   All bigger cities in Ilo have public gardens where gardeners work. The majority of gardeners working in cities outside of the capital are regular commoners with a higher pedigree than others. They are not aware of the other part of the organization that they work for. They are happy getting their tax-funded salary for an easy and enjoyable job.   All those public gardens have two or three gardeners each that are overseers. These people are usually royalty that is too far down the ranks to join the council of the Arken Tower or they are in the council but are eccentric and don’t want to live among their peers. The overseers work like regular gardeners but they are tasked with gathering information on top of their gardening duty.   Then there are the clerks, they handle the paperwork, the paying of salaries and much more as well as being the face of the organization to the public. They can be both low royalty and commoners, it's a higher paying job than that of a gardener.   Outside the capital there are only public gardens, however, inside the both public and private gardens exists. Every high royalty family owns a small garden that the gardeners keep for them. The gardeners working both the public and the private gardens in the capital are most likely members of the council of the Arken Tower. They are spies who gather information for their spymasters.   The assassins are a hidden cell working directly under the hidden council, however there are rumors circulating that some spymasters have their own cells. They also work as garderners. There have been ones who have also worked as spymasters or regular spies.   The spymasters gather and distribute the information gathered by all the spies over the entire country. They are all members of the council of the Arken Tower and of the hidden council. Their day to day job can be as clerks, gardeners or any other job on Ilo. They could be anywhere.   The hidden council consists of all the spymasters and they do not know each other's faces nor voices as they are always covered during their council meetings.   The director of the organization is always “the speaker of the people”. Though everyone aware of what the organization can do, have their own ideas about how it should be run and how to best serve the people.   Conspiracy theorists believe that there are more parts to the organization but who can really tell...
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Applying to become a gardener

To become a regular gardener you will have to apply for the job by sending in an application to the council of the Arken tower. The application will be reviewed by them and they will then reply back to you with a "yes" or a "no".   Application   -A recommendation letter from an already hired gardener (with a permit to keep apprenticeships)
-Personal letter with among other things; dreams, goals, and hobbies.
-Answers to a questionnaire
-Pedigree (a family tree)
  If they want to hire you, you are expected to travel to the capital for a test, if you get a passing grade on that test you will be sent around Ilo as a journeyman to work under a couple of gardeners for 3 years and after that you will take another test and if you pass that one you will receive the title of gardener.   Depending on your qualifications; your pedigree, your work ethics, your drive and what people think about you, they might approach you about working as a spy. From there on you will rise in power and in the end, you might even be a part of the hidden council.           Jump to top    


All gardeners are issued uniforms and tools if any items are damaged or broken they are to take them to the clerks who will exchange the items for new ones. If the item was ark infused they will have to deal with a major pay cut.    
by BasicDragon
As it is mostly summer on Ilo all gardeners are issued two pairs of plain long brimmed straw hats to protect their heads from the sun and to make them harder to distinguish and recognize. The hats are also infused with ark, like most hats on Ilo, to make them have a cooling or warming effect depending on the weather.
The gardeners outside of the capital and are commoners are issued two pairs of light brown thin long scarves to protect their faces. The gardeners who are lower royalty are issued one light brown scarf and two light brown and arken striped scarves. The gardeners who are a part of the council of the Arken tower have one light brown scarf, one striped scarf and two arken scarves.
by BasicDragon
by BasicDragon
All gardeners get two long light green jackets. They are thin but sturdy and have four front pockets, two inside pockets and two pockets on the back. They are infused with ark to resist water. They are not fitted to each gardener so they look oversized on almost everyone. Like most of the uniform clothes.
They also receive two pairs of sturdy and long dark green gloves. They are infused with ark to be extra sturdy as well as dirt and water resistant. They are fitted to the hands of each gardener.
by BasicDragon
by BasicDragon
They get two pairs of brown pants that have plenty of pockets and two pairs without the pockets. They are allowed to wear the pair that they prefer. Most gardeners choose to use the ones without pockets as the uniform jacket reaches over most of the pockets.
All gardeners get two pairs of boots, they are also infused with ark and are thus water resistant. The boots of the gardeners working as spies also have ark infused to have extra pliable soles, so they are useful for extra activities.
by BasicDragon
  All gardeners are also issued two sets of a thin but sturdy set of long-sleeved shirts and long johns. To wear under the uniform. They are dark grey, almost black, and the common gardeners rarely use them. They are unsure why they are even needed as the days gardening rarely get cold enough.   Jump to top

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"For the common people"
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