The Light's Promise


At the dawn of the Apothic Awakening, the Othé came down from the stars and blessed Tenrashé with their viancy. It spread through the earth, as is told in Mera's Sacrifice. However, in exchange for her people's sacrifice, she made them a promise:  
When the sun dawns on my brightest day, hear these words true   I'll be there, my children, waiting for you.   The world is dark, or so it may seem,   I swear to you, it's all just a bad dream.     This I promise you.     Your work and your effort, the lives that were lost   Will be repaid in full, no matter the cost.   With my arms open, my promise fulfilled,   You pain and your suffering, it all will be stilled.     This I promise you.     To the stars, you'll ascend, back to your home,   I will lift you away from this world you did roam.   For hundreds of miles, for hundreds of years,   I heard your cries, and I felt each of your tears.     This I promise you.     Shed your worries, your fears, and your doubts   I will return, my children, and you will cry out!   The days grow shorter with each passing day   I ask one thing: each day that you pray.     I will fulfill my promise to you.

Cultural Reception


The Saeri of the Sae'rin Isles believe it is their duty to find the means to rescue their kin from the clutches of the Triumvirate. They believe that, should the sif be left in their merciless hands, they will become tainted and will no longer be allowed to enter back into Mera's graces when she returns to fulfill her promise. They work tirelessly to develop the technology they need to overwhelm the Triumvirate.


The sif believe that it is their solemn duty to serve the people of the Othé until their dying breath. Should they fail in their duties, upon Mera's return, they will be left behind to the mercies of the Triumvirate. It is believed that the anger the Triumvirate will feel at their loss will result in their deaths, so they dare not stray. It is a matter of ascension or demise.


The nomadic Merata that travel through Tu’chûn and Merat believe that it is their duty to stay hidden from the world until Mera returns. Should they serve the Triumvirate, it would mean they fell from her grace. They stay hidden within the snow, the earth fallen stars, until she fulfills her promise and they are reunited.
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Historical Basis

The Merata were enslaved by the Triumvirate, classified as Sif and forced into breeding camps. They fill every town, every household, every farm. They populate the world, fulfilling the Triumvirate's desires. They do this willingly at the behest of their Othé, Mera. She is the Othé of Light, the Promise Bringer; she will life the Merata from this world and back into the stars where they belong... or so they believe. In truth, the Othé are simply Apotheii that were aggrandized into godhood. The saddest truth of all... Mera never even existed. She wasn't even an Apotheii. She was a hope, a prayer, an empty promise that will never be fulfilled, created by Dha'Kuman to keep the people beneath him in check. It is now widely believed by all of the Triumvirate as truth, as they revere him as a god.


All of the Triumvirate believes that one day the sif will be rescued by Mera and returned to the stars with her. It is known that the economic impact would be devastating, which is why they are worked, now, harder than ever before. It is not known when she will return for them, or if she even will, but that wonder keeps the sif in line, and that fear makes their treatment even worse.


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