Halthal Loshmorna (Hall-thall)



The Xe'rashen ranks that occupy this settlement vary in order of power. There is one High Argent followed by a few Argents below him/her that ensure their orders are followed and ending with the multitudes of Imperators throughout the outpost that carry out those orders on a daily basis.


The sif are the slaves that are bred in this outpost. While other outposts have specific functions that benefit the Triumvirate, this one is simply for pleasure and louche behavior. The women sif are used as paramours for men who want a break from their households and are searching for a bit of lecherous fun.

Industry & Trade

This settlement stays afloat through the affluent people that come and visit regularly. High Caliphín come from all over the Triumvirate to partake of the flesh. Halthal Loshmorna breeds the finest and most obedient women of all the loshmorna and they have gained a reputation for that fact. Both high ranking men and women come and spend money to see these women, taste them, use them for whatever their fetishes and desires may be.   There hasn't been a complaint since the loshmorna was first founded, as the women are beaten into submission, trained, and conditioned to be the most compliant women in the world. They cost a pretty penny because of this, one night often costing upwards of 30 Tenem Cords, often moreso, depending on the age and experience of the sif.


The center of the outpost is surrouded by a 10 foot wall with a garrison in its center. This garrison is the building in which the Xe'rashen militants make their homes. There is a courtyard outside the garrison with holds the farms and stables that grow food for the residents of the loshmorna.   On the other side of the wall are a variety of different tents that funtion as the housing for the sif, whether they are birthing tents, food tents, smoking tents, pleasure tents, etc. Surrounding the entire outpost is a larger wall, 25 feet high, that keeps out any aggressive outer forces and prevents the sif from escaping. Each wall within the outpost has a large gate that remains closed at all times unless otherwise ordered by the High Argent.   Within the walls are windmills, watermills, and other necessary structures, like a complex sewer system that runs beneath the loshmorna. There are roads throughout the loshmorna that lead to the neighboring loshmorna or cities, such as Dreth Port.


The assets of this outpost differ from what one would ordinarily associate with the word "asset".


The flesh of the women who live and work in this establishment is the main asset of the outpost. They are treated with the utmost care, are given luxuries that sif otherwise woul;d not be allowed to have. They are bathed in scents and oils, fed the sweetest foods, given comfortable rooms to bed in. They have hair stylists and makeup artists that work on making them presentable and appetizing. They are the main course of the loshmorna, after all.


The privacy of the visitors of this establishment is the highest asset it has. The people who visit to partake of the flesh are often high ranking Caliphín who would otherwise want their visit to remain a secret. They pay a hefty price to keep their presence on the down low. Even though this is a popular destination among them, the Caliphín consider it a dirty past time when they are not there, mocking those they know go there, even if they do so also.


The women within this loshmorna are checked regularly for any and all ailments and diseases that would otherwise hinder their occupation and injure their guests. Should a women be found ill, she will be cared for, but if she has a transferable disease that cannot be treated, she is disposed of and replaced by a more suitable candidate. This is to ensure the happiness and safety of the loshmorna's guests.


The Halthal Loshmorna boasts the largest variety of unique individuals in which the Caliphín can quench their thirst with. They have sif of all shapes, sizes, conditions, and talents. There is not a more diverse establishment along this line of work in all the Triumvirate, which is why people often find themselves drawn to it, willing to pay any price to get exactly what they want.
"You'll never find girls like mine, not in a million years! You say that Ode could contest with me? Ode is nothing but a back street slum city with dirty whorehouses with dirtier whores! My girls are pristine, clean, and utterly gorgeous. You cannot, I repeat, you simply cannot do better than my girls. I'd put money on that bet."
Madam Gracen, High Argent
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Much to Grove Warden Fortissima Gaea'tu's disgust, this loshmorna had been the idea of her uncle, Gal'var Gaea'tu. He had always been a man of... complicated tastes and when he had been caught assaulting one of the sif in his household, he decided to erect one that focused on the discretion of its clientele.   After Gal'var was killed by Fortissima after he had raped her and murdered her mother, Mayukeen Gaea'tu, she tried to abolish the loshmorna, deeming it unnecessary and ghoulish, but the popularity of the outpost and the money that it raked in for the Xe’rashé were too high and they went over her head, keeping it in place. To this day, decades later, it is still in place and is still the most popular destination for Caliphín to visit.  
"Distasteful. The use of a women, regardless of her class or race, in such a way is abhorrent. I will not stand for it! Take it down, burn it to the ground! I want it gone this instant, or I'll do it myself!"
— Fortissima Gaea'tu


The Halthal Loshmorna is located east of Dreth Port, the main port city of Zo’chûn. It is on the coast of the Xe'ran Strait, which separates Zo’chûn from the rest of the Triumvirate, though it is just south of Zokrios.   Halthal sits on the top of a large hill overlooking the ocean strait, giving it an expensive and gorgeous view that increases the price that its visitors pay to stay there. It is near a river as well, so it has fresh water, fish, and, most importantly, Amare Weed, which is used as an aphrodesiac for both the sif women and their visitors.


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