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Province of Delmir (dell-meir)

One of the most western parts of the Kingdom of Saral, it boarders both the Grimskab Horde and the Obsidian Assembly.  The thin narrow province follows the Beauheller River on the wester portion of the province down through the Mancour Woodland and then into the Plains of Elthorial.  It is in the Dukedom of Haremburg, under the control of the Duke of Haremburg.   Near the center of the province in a broad glade sits the Belmont Estate.  The manor and seat of government for the province, the Belmonts are charged with keeping the peace throughout the province, keeping the peace with the wandering orcs of the Grimskab Horde, and providing defense against any incursion that the Obsidian Assembly may attempt.   To the southern edge of the province is a small village, Southmont which is the overland gateway out of the province.  It sits on the edge of the Mancour Woodland and the Plains of Elthorial.  Through the plains it offers a way to the east via a series of roads that ultimately ends up at the Free City of Abundance.
Geopolitical, Province

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