The Tides

/3: As winds shape the air, the many tides of the seas shape the waters; together they sculpt not only the islands, shoals, and reefs into the forms we have come to know, but sculpt the rhythms of life. --- Darwin Brine, Sage of the Frigate Seek and Declare


All successful mariners come to sense the rhythms of the tides, or be doomed to suffer for their lack of perception. The world is alive with a multitude of tides, each following it's own cycle, rate, and direction.   In general, Tides seem to travel in a dextro-rotational pattern (clockwise), although some tides seem to originate from the Maelstrom/Deeps, out to the Shallows.   Tidal changes are generally less intense in the Deeps (3 feet), and higher at the Shallows (12 feet), with the exception of the Minute Tide. Multiple tides can combine together into super-tides.


Documented Tides:   Yearly Tide: Progresses across the seas, following a twelve year cycle. Particularly problematic if combining with lesser tides to produced super-tides flood settled areas. More civilized areas aware and organized to avoid disruption. Seen as a mark of renewal/cleansing.   Monthly Tide: Swifter than the yearly tide, progresses across the seas over the year. Source of moderate term super-term issues. Helpful in fishing, planting, launching of large ships. Has been used to launch inland invasion with naval forces.   Hourly Tide: Unlike the other tides, the Hourly not only propagates in a dextro-rotational fashion, but fundamentally from Deeps to Shallows as it does so. This is the tide of which even the most land-bound creature is aware.   Minute Tide: The last of the documented atypical tides, the Minute Tide is most like a pulse, traversing the seas ever minute. The power of the tide is subtle, with a rise of only 1 ft, but equal in all places.

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