Keen Eye, Esteemed of the All-Waters

Esteemed Keen Eye (a.k.a. Fisher Priest)

Sometimes a net is just a net. Other-times, it is an invitation. Jump in and see! ---Sermon excerpt

Divine Domains

Knowledge, Grave, Water

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A raindrop/ tear A net

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Keen Eye was a Kraai naturalist, herbalist, healer. He traveled extensively, trading skills for passage, gathered herbal knowledge and lore as he went. Initially fearful of water, fear gave way to respect, awe, and finally comfort.   One tide, Keen Eye saw a young Fishfolk struggling in a fishing net; with little thought he jumped in to free the youth. In doing so, Keen Eye drowned and died.   The Youth, now free, returned to the deeps, bringing Keen Eye's corpse to the priest of the clan, sharing how the Kraai sacrificed himself rendering aid. The priest sang of the deed into the waters. The All Waters, hearing the song, opened The Font of Life, allowing Keen Eye's Tide to ebb and flow once more.   Keen Eye restored, dwelled with the Fishfolk, learning their ways, gaining knowledge of the waters. Upon returning to the surface, his once black feathers were shot with white and grey, his eyes a bright blue, and his talons were webbed when exposed to the waters. He continued to travel, spreading the teachings of the All Waters to all those above and below the waves.
Divine Classification
Venerated of the All-Waters
1268 AM 1330 AM 62 years old
Circumstances of Death
Died while engaged in herbal research
Originally Black. Later in life bright blue.
Plumage: Originally Black. Later in life shot through with White and Grey.


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