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As you all enter past the leather flap of the rather primitive yurt of the tribes leader, the old man beckons for you all to take a seat around the roaring fire. "Come, come travelers and tribesfolk alike, and I shall tell you the tale of destruction the end of what was and the beginning of all that is now."   With the festivities of a large hunt, a welcome host, and a celebration of new friendship between tribes coming to a close those not passed out from the celebrations already gather in the too small hut. The old man motioning for more food and mead to be passed around.   He begins slowly, the crowd quieting to hear his voice.   "Back at the first times, we were less than we are now. Muhan the Starborne saw fit to craft a land we could not survive in, to give us a trial of strength. Through Muhan, we were taught the powers of fire, the skill of carving, and the gift of thought. We took his gift and through the eons we fought, and and we cleaved, and we made this world our own. We built mountains that cleared above the clouds, and traveled to the deepest point in the lowest cave. Not one creation of Muhan's trials could stop us, we grew and became the strong kind he always knew we could be!"   He pauses the story long enough to let the message sink in, the crowd slowly being rilled into a frenzy.   "But we became lustful of the power of The Starborne and aimed to take the very power of the earth from him. No land was safe from our greed. We striped it of Muhan's power, draining it, killing it. In our Arrogance we thought to take His very stars, and not one living thing was safe from our hand. We riped from Muhans gift and went to his home, ripping the very stars from the sky."   The excitement reaches a crescendo, whoops and cheers can be heard as well as some native explicatives at the ancients greed. The old man begins circling the fire working his strange magics on it, causing it to rise and stir.   "The Starborne became enraged! How dare us mere mortals dare walk in his realm?! He took a breath so vast it pulled the innumerable clouds into the sky, blocking his light out from the land, and with a mighty ROAR he broke down all we had made! He returned us to the beast we are now wracking the land with his fury killing any that might have survived with his power."   The cheers and praises from the tribesfolk echoes out into the night, some flagellating themselves in worship. The man waits, arms raised, for the crowd to settle down to silence again.   "Muhan the Starborne, in his infinitely merciful fury has seen fit to give me a vision," He takes a moment to pull you all to your feet. "These here, not just mere travelers or huntsmen here to trade their furs. These men here are the end to the pitch night. Muhan has chosen these men, and brought them all here to face a trial for mankind's forgiveness. So eat, drink, be merry, for tomorrow we see who here will take Muhan's mantle as the leader, the only way the great Starborne approves of. COMBAT!"           Setting   Even PCs are weak here, only roll 3d6 for stats Rare magic. PCs can not be from an advanced civ, and a class with spell slots. (Sub classes with slots are blacklist for high civ players) Tech is low, bronze age smelting at best. Things that go bump in the night have and constantly are the main cause of early death, its dangerous to be alone at night while the clouds keep the darkness pitch black nearly every night.

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