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Quelittle's Fixery

All art and content preduced by Shira Hefets (me :) )
"Needing a fix after the battle? Quelittle's fixery is right up Vespian ally. Ol' Quelittle is already 615 years old, no better healer out there in all 5 elven kingdoms. 5 kings invited him to court, 5 of them he refused. He'll stich ya, brew the antidote for that foul Warzart's bite on yer bottom chick and mend the broken rib over night, never once asking for yer' name. No where to sleep? He's never turned down an injured lad or lassie. If ya haven't the coin to pay, yer labor will do. Make no mistake however, he is no man to cross. Quelittle is known to beat old costumers for reckless fighting, bleeding or not. Invicta herself makes a point of staying in this elf's good side."
- Pixy weekly.  

How it started

When first arriving at Lapidra, Quelittle had only a cart for a house and infirmary together, the rest was taken by war. First to become a regular at his place is the hero of our 5 kingdoms - Invicta. He mended her battle after battle. Then Her legendary companions - Chillis and Ya'aren. Quelittle's wife, Eva, tells the heros came not from riches, and would pay with ingredients they acquired in the far lands their missions took them to. Quelittle would soon become the only healer in the region with such verity of medicine and potions. His cart became too small a space for his costumers, and he never turned any of them away. Invicta and her lot built an extra room on top of the ol' grump's cart, then the second one right across. Only to build another one poking out of the first two but a season later.  

How it's going

These days Quelittle's fixery towers higher than an 2 old oak trees one over the other. All rooms and pertruding staircases, balanced over a joyfully lit cart. Pillars and balconies stick out on the right to balance the extra rooms on the left. City mayor once sent construction inspectors to tear the Fixery down. They ended up catching drinks instead. The place is a mess, but it's this city's mess. Quelittle still takes better to hide away from the buzz, in his wee' cart at the bottom. But even he is seen laughing and singing when Invicta's lot come by. Never before throwing a fit about their poor shape and how much work they bring him. Eva, the healer's wife is mercifully the kinder sort. No smacks on the heads or threats at the door, the woman is all laughter. She makes the best pie and has a feel to a costumer's booz before they know their own heart's wish. Their son Toery has music running through him for blood. Some costumers come solely to hear his baritone hum over twist-harp's strings.  

The lanterns

The twisty makeshift building is cover in and out with stained glass lanterns - a gift from Eri, Invicta's lover. The elf is a rune prodigy and a proud pranksman. The lanterns carry runes that react to the stars in the sky. On month of Leo the lanterns roar at the passer-bys, scaring anyone new, spreading chose and sending cups and ale flying in the air. On month of Virgo the lanterns make the climbing plants on the walls dance and change color. Some say Quelittle asked for the lanterns to hit costumers who made too much noise, but this could be the illusion of drunk man and woman, smacking into the dangling lanterns all on their own.  

The folk

Now Quelittle's fixery is a source of curiosity that draws elves and other folk from all across the 5 kingdoms. Vaspian ally, home to Quelittle's fixery has become a lively market for foreign goods from all over the land. It is said the king's men go there to purchase all needs of the castle form two cities away.   Bards pay to play and collect fat tips from the merry folk of the place. Illusionists too are welcome for a price of including Toery in the show - If you are able to trick the boy, Quelittle's fixery will pay you for the evening's entertainment. Weird folk come, less of a stranger when they go. Each with their own tails or...tales, and many with games and songs. The best games and strangest of cards all seem to end up here, still the most common game in the Fixery is Faity Tale, for which is a deck on every table. Fairy Tale is the 'house game' and should you defat Eva in two rounds in a row, your meal for the night is on the house.

Heroes' Gratitude

Quelittle save many ill and injured. He has recieved many gifts of gratitude, all hidden or displayed in the fixery to find.   From city mayor, for stoping a spreading illness - A rare climbing plant that now covers the inn. From Invicta, for saving her life many times over - The mast of the defeated Valoura, a pirate ship. From Eri, for aid in research and lives svaed - The runed lanterns. From chillis, for his life and right arm - His own grand sword (end of book 1) From Ya'aren, for his life and sister saved form bitter events - The severed head of Yakaval - the ice giant that ravaged villigais for years until killed.

The working souls

  Quelittle - founder and healer, husband to Eva. Eva - Cofounder, cook, main hostess and wife to Quelittle. Toery - Head of entertainment, main bard and son to Eva and Quelittle.



Full moon celebration

All chairs and tables are cleared for dance space. No food is served but all booze is served with a wee touch from one Quelittle's personal concoctions. Only the heaven know which potion you'll get. Might want to skip work the next day.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant

Invicta celebration day

A courtesy of Quelittle to his no.1 costumer and the protector of the land. Food is cooked in traditional recipes provided by Invicta's home village friends. This tradition began as an intimate event of very few. Invicta would tell stories of the wars, along with Eri, Chillis Ya'aren and more big names. In time the event swelled and became a tradition on Vaspian ally, then spread to the whole of Lapidra city. Some few years into the tradition, Invicta vanished from the event. Some witnesses, however, claim she attends the celebration still, in costume and secrecy.

Sections Of The Building

  • The ol' cart - Still Quelittle's favored workspace and reception of patients in most days.
  • The brewery - The little room right above the wee ol' cart, with the red chimney and the oval window.
  • The surgery - The one left to the brewery, with the blue stones.
  • The main hearth - the large room over the surgery, most bards play there.
  • The High hearth - the BronzeWood open floor over the Brewry with the grapevine canopy.
  • The garden- half over the grape canopy, half all in the air, then another added balcony secured only to the main mast (only the brave, drunken or fools dare sit there)
  • The open floor - opposite to the garden, is a floor open to the winds on summer waves, and closed off with a decorated sail on winter waves.
  • The lover's nest - Right between the garden and the open floor, a wee bit up to hide the sweet moments, hides a small alcove covered with furs.
  • The upper rooms - Above the rest are the bed rooms and showers for guests.
  • some speak of the trophy room, once a proudly presented room, now lost between all the rest, never to be found again. It is said to be where ol' Quelittle heaps the gifts he received from all the legendary heroes he healed.


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Mar 29, 2022 20:40

In the beginning quote it may sound better as either "on this elf's good side" or "in this elf's good graces."   A very fun and entertaining tavern. Poor old Quelittle probably like the mobility the cart gave, at least a bit, but i imagine it is fairly immobile now. And i chuckled a bit that he seems to not appreciate repeat customers who need his healing services.   You have done an amazing job on your artwork as well. One thing I will note is that in the art, of the tavern you have it as Quelittel, but everywhere else it is Quelittle. no big deal, but just something I noticed.

Updated soon.
Mar 31, 2022 06:59

Thank you so much for taking time to read and comment <3! Sharing my writing is a new experience for me, really happy it entertained someone. Oh and you're right about the spelling of Quelittle (I noticed it as soon as the dye as set)