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Lords of Chaos

A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e) game
In the world of Tel'marún

Aug 2017

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Strange things are at work in the land of Solara. Odd behavior by the local baron leads to the unraveling of a plot against the empire with implications against the fabric of reality itself.

The Protagonists

The party is Full

Sessions List

Past Session

9th Feb 2019
Session 17
26th Jan 2019
Session 16: Past Assassinations

Will we find the assassin?

5th Jan 2019
Session 15: The Eye Revealed

The party seems to be inching closer and closer to their allusive assassin, but even with a clear direction in sight, there seems to be more questions than answers.

14th Dec 2018
Session 14: A Jackalwere Distraction

Our last session ended with many unanswered questions, including one party member petrified in stone! What solutions can be found? Time to find out!

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  • Map of Tel'marún

    A map discovered deep in the catacombs of the Tower's Grand Vault. It shows the whole of Tel'marún's six continents in relation to one another. Although helpful, its exact accuracy is unknown.

  • Map of Solara

    A map of the continent Solara made by famed gnomish explorer Blimpy Jones from his extensive journeys across the continent and beyond. While his bravery is well known, his mapmaking skills are a bit more up in the air. Some in the gnomish scholarly community argue the dimensions of his map are all wrong, while others critique his limited inclusion of landmarks, major cities, or thoroughfares. His, however, is the standard from which most Solaran maps are based. He claims an updated version will make its way to print as part of his new book [I]Kobolds, Treasure, and Beyond: the Blimpy Jones Saga Part 6[/I].