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The Twin Cities

The trade capital of Southern Solara

A packed thoroughfare marks the dividing line between the two halves of the Twin Cities, lines of carts carrying various goods from across Solara waiting in line to have their cart inspected and to pay the necessary fee for passage. Those with the coin to pay make their way into New Town, a bustling urban center of the Solaran Empire and [I]the[/I] marketplace of the South. Food makes its way north from the lush farmlands of southern Solara, while traders from the north bring a multitude of wares to trade. Those less fortunate make their way through the winding streets of Old Town. Built on ancient Telmuni ruins, it's quaint in its own way during the day, but strangers with any wits about them dare not travel the streets at night. Old Town is far less picky about its inhabitants and is thus home to creatures of all sorts, friendly, dangerous, or otherwise.


New Town is almost entirely made up of humans. Beings of almost any kind can be found in Old Town.


Baron Kenaan Holdt rules the city in name from a seat of luxury, but it is the trade guilds that hold perhaps the greatest sway over the running of day-to-day life in the Twin Cities.


The city relies almost entirely on trade for its economy. It sits perfectly situated between the lush farmlands of the south and the wealth and power centered in the north. This has allowed the traders of the Twin Cities to gain exponential wealth; the trading guilds now run a majority of city affairs.


A large road separates the two halves of the Twin Cities where people stop to pay their toll for passage and trade. Old Town is built almost entire within the ruins of an ancient Telmuni settlement of some kind. New Town expands eastward away from the settlement. It has a newer, shiny gleam to it, while Old Town sits in disrepair.

Guilds and Factions

There are several trading guilds in the city, including the Djinn Brothers, Heraldry of the Friar, Just Tradesmen, and many others. However, power seems to be centralized more and more in the Guild of the Nine Stars; it has absorbed many guilds in its rise to power and seems primed to continue to grow.
Inhabitant Demonym
New Towners, Old Towners
Location under
Solara (Continent)
Kenaan Holdt

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