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The Eye (Organization)

Yes, it's also the name of its leader...

While the capital of Solara gives off a shining facade on its upper levels, beneath the surface a seedy underbelly exists in the shadows beneath the island. Amidst the dark dealings of the tunnels below the Alabaster Isle, no group holds a larger sway than the Eye. The vast majority of less-than-legal activity taking place in Solara runs directly under the watching gaze of the Eye, either directly, or more often as overseers from the shadows taking a cut from all parties involved. All the Eye's activity runs through its aloof leader, from whom the organization takes its name. None see the Eye, but the Eye sees all.


The organization of the Eye is near-fully centralized upon the shoulders of its mysterious figurehead. While there are higher-ranking leaders within the organization, all the organization's decisions are approved by the Eye or sent directly from him in the shadows. No one deals with the Eye directly, but he has his hand in everything that goes on in Solara (Capital).

None see the Eye, but the Eye sees all.

Guild, Thieves
The Eye
Solara (Capital)

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