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Southern Solara

The mountains and hills that cover much of the face of Solara give way to lush pastures in the south. Miles of green are broken only by the occasional small wood, farmstead, or hamlet before giving way to the gargantuan Faelorn forest that stretches for hundreds of miles across the southern peninsula. That is not to say that Southern Solara is without industry. Many large estates harvest vast quantities of produce each year. The Bertons and the Quillbicks continue to expand their farming operations in the region. Meanwhile, the Twin Cities in the northern tip of the region centrally collects and redistributes the goods of the south for the gain of its many guilds of traders; they have found a means of making themselves wealthy off the fruits of Southern Solara's labors. Near the middle of its northern rolling hills rests the remains of a previously grand temple to Pelor. As the centrality of imperial power moved further north, so too did the religion. No one remembers quite when the temple at Solara (Capital) was constructed, nor when it was treated preferentially over its southern sister. However, now, the Southern Temple of Pelor sits in near disrepair, held aloft by the few monks who do their best to continue the practices of the past given their present circumstances.


The terrain of Southern Solara is predominantly large swaths of fertile plains, with a smattering of rolling hills in its northern portions and, of course, the vast forest of Fae'lorn to its southern border.

Natural Resources

Grain and various fruits/vegetables from the fields of the south. Pastures for sheep and other animals in the rolling hills. Some mining, but not a primary resource. One can find lumber mills near some of the smaller forests, though none dare continue the once attempted vast lumber industry of Fae'lorn. Most dare not enter the woods at all.
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Location under
Solara (Continent)
Kenaan Holdt
Owning Organization
Solara (Empire)

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