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Solara (Capital)

The large island capital of the Solaran Empire gleams a glorious bright white, a towering mass in the middle of the massive Lake of the Sun. Its large marble structures reflect the lights of the active city, acting as a beacon for ships traversing the lake and travelers along its coastline.   The districts of Solara build upward on a grander and grander scale, culminating in the gargantuan temple of Pelor and palace of the Sun King. The districts immediately below that are home to the courtiers and clergy, then the large businesses and fancy inns. As on moves outside the city walls and towards the docks, businesses are built out of wood instead of marble or stone, the poor congregate in larger numbers, and a diversity of dialects and peoples. It is even rumored that below the great island exists miles and miles of tunnels and underground labyrinths where the truly seedy business of the city happens without seeing the light of day.


70% human, 30% other humanoid


The empire is run by the Sun King, who also serves as the figurehead of the Church of Pelor. There is also a council, consisting of the barons of the 12 realms and other important figures and heroes that help the Sun King in ruling the empire.
Alternative Name(s)
The Alabaster Isle
Location under
Solara (Continent)
Leo'dren Reyspire
Owning Organization
Solara (Empire)
Characters in Location
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