Summer Camp Reading Pledge 2022

The mythos of mystical mystics might make me mad!

Louai Island Legend
Myth | Jul 31, 2022

The legend of a large and ancient beast located in Louai Island in Leandris.

Love the island motif, so many possibilities there. Dont need to be all flowery and deep when writing, imagery can be invoked better sometimes with more understandable syntax. The naming convention fits the story and setting well too.    
The bone maiden
Myth | Sep 8, 2022
Bone Maiden-kickass name! i should keep a notebook with me all the time for names or something lol but damn, the phrase Bone Maiden sticks in my head.  
The Grey Man
Myth | Jul 31, 2022

Go to bed or else!

evocative...'emotional imagery' as opposed to that sort of vivid detail I feel like i am obsessed with. The story behind it seems deeper and wholly mysterious.  

Rankings? We don't need no steenking rankings! Or titles. Whatever. No, you shut up

King of the Seas
Rank/Title | Jul 12, 2022
Names are well thought out! i need to learn css fuck man but my brain is duuummbbbbb but wow this article popped. It's the tip of the iceberg lore-wise; so it's not necessarily bad that it happens with Tellus, cuz that's what i do. Confirmation bias? Maybe. Still gonna take it as a win.  
Grand Chieftain of the Seas
Rank/Title | Jul 25, 2022
This one is well thought out i think. I mean, it seems like they wanted to get the depth of the intricacy of the economy and territories etc. through, and boy howdy!  
Dire Wolf
Rank/Title | Jul 21, 2022
"A rank that commands respect..." Both the words, 'dire' and 'wolf', command attention in and of themselves. Brilliant making it a rank, good technique for coming up with rankings also ihop.     
Monumental, dude. Just...awesome, man. Yeaahhhhh....
The Living Library
Building / Landmark | Dec 13, 2022

The library theme/idiom again, and I am still not sick of it. Going to keep using it, this is a great example. Love the concept of the 'living' aspect, and the paradoxical nature is a little mind twisting in a cool way.  
Stealer of Cheese
Building / Landmark | Jul 31, 2022

 Stealer of Cheese? I mean come on, that's the best name for any monument anywhere ever. It would be a huge tourist attraction. Brings back the 'catch their interest quickly'  lesson, but this is an instant grab. Cute+bat wings is badass, too.  
Statue of Zerachiel Vretiel
Building / Landmark | Jul 22, 2022

 A mystery within the mystery of history. I really like how just the evocation of Zerachiel's name seems to elicit wonder in the setting's populace. Great description without getting bogged down in flowery language. Good wordsmithing, caught me up immediately (again with the catch their eye quickly)     New goal: Eye-catching titles and opening sentences. Make them memorable right away if possible.   New goal: I gotta get started on that manuscript. You know; I need to stop bimbleherferating.   Future Harldawg: The prompts helped me put down some of the campaign ideas I have had while I am in the midst of finishing up the one I am running right now. Much of the story of The City of the Lights is coming into clearer focus as we delve into the levels below the surface. Which is level. I need to develop Kowloon Walled City's upper levels. The project to Replace All the Art will be commencing as soon as the first batch of sketches comes in. It'll be nice to have stylistic consistency, which may just be my own brain's problem. Watreton Wharf needs to be developed as well! But right now the point party is on Malodomini, so i need to continue with the hell arc until it's finished. Maps maps maps and more maps.

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