Tap n Toes

Tap n Toes? Yeah, I was there last night. The music and atmosphere were electric, and the prices were great! Though my purse tells me I must have drank way more than I thought.
— Overheard from a tourist

A Lively Spot

Situated on the second of the six floating islands that make up Dynamo Hill, Tap n Toes is a tavern popular with both locals and tourists. Owned by a pair of Gnomish sisters, who settled in Dynamo Hill twelve years ago, it is known as a hotspot for music and dancing.   The ground floor is a bar and diner with daily entertainment, while the upper floor is a guesthouse with clean rooms at reasonable rates. The bar is closed to non-guests before noon, to allow guests who may have partaken in the tavern's late night entertainment, to get a good morning's sleep.    


Tap n Toes
Map of Tap n Toes tavern in Dymao Hill. Created using Dungeonfog.
From the outside the tavern looks rather non-descript; a simple building with a brick built ground floor, a wooden top floor, and a grey slate roof. Above the door is a simple lit sign with the tavern's name, and a silhouette image of two people dancing.   Once you open the front door, the atmosphere and character of the place really hit you. Music is a big part of the tavern's appeal, and there is always a band, musician or singer on the go, so the place is never quiet. The lighting is kept low, and a light smoke curls between exposed pipes running along the ceiling.   The decor is primarily rich browns, deep reds, dark woods and dull grey metal, adding to the dim and close atmosphere of the place. The long bar is a matter of personal pride to Stanley, the bartender, and he keeps the deep cherry wood clean and polished to gleaming. And then there is the indoor plumbing, a bit of a novelty still in Dynamo Hill

The Staff


Octavia and Odessa

The sisters opened the tavern three years after arriving in Dynamo Hill, and have made a bit of a name for themselves since. They are identical to each other, and even the locals have a hard time telling them apart. This is compounded by the fact that the pair never correct anyone who gets them mixed up, they simply seem not to care. They finish each other's sentences, always seem to know what the other is thinking, and perform tasks together seemlessly.

Stanley Sprocket

  A warforged who rode into town about eight years ago looking for somewhere to hole-up. By this time, the tavern had become busier than the two sisters were able to manage on their own, and Stanley was looking for work, so they hired him as the bartender. Stanley never forgets a customer's order, no matter how busy the place gets. He does have a habit of falling into repetitive actions while idle, and can often be seen cleaning the same glass over and over again.



  A Tabaxi who used to be a merc, but after a deal went sour and she lost her partner, she gave up that line of work and settled for the quieter life of working at the tavern. A regular at the tavern in the early days, she stepped in on several occaisions to deal with rowdy customers, eventually the sisters just hired her. She has been part greeter and part bouncer for the last six years, and knows all the regulars by name. Jovial and easy going until you break the rules.


"The food is basic, but that's not why you go there. You go there for the music and the dancing."

"Oh man the dancing, my feet hurt for a week last time I went there."

"I bet it was worth it though.

"We're going again tomorrow night."
— Conversation between locals

Nightly Music

Tap n Toes is the place in Dynamo Hill if you want a lively night spot with music and dancing. The stage in the back corner features nightly musicians, and the floor around is kept clear for dancing. The music is themed around jazz and swing, so the dancing can often get quite lively, with patrons showing off the latest in dance trends. While Tap n Toes has its house performers, there are sometimes guest appearances from visiting musicians, who inject a fresh feel to the repertoire from time to time.  

The Devil's Due

This five piece jazz and swing band perform five nights a week, and are a firm favourite with customers who like to dance. While they have a large repertoire of their own songs, they are also known for putting their own spin on well known songs from around the empire.

Rowena Scarlett

A Half-elf woman with a sultry voice. Despite having been in Dynamo Hill for seven years now, Rowena is still a bit of a mystery. However, her beautiful voice has made her beloved by almost all who hear her sing. She performs three nights a week, and has her audience hanging off her every word.
As soon as she began to sing, I was completely mesmerised. I barely noticed my food arriving at the table, so captivating was her voice. I don't even remember paying for it, though I was thanked for my generous tip as I left.
— Overheard from a tourist
by AnnaliseArt on Pixabay
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant


A Comfortable Stay

The tavern has a selection of bedrooms available at quite reasonable rates. The rooms are small and simple, but clean, and the price includes the use of the baths. Rooms cost 5 silver per person per night, and come in single, twin or double. An extra 2 silver pp/n will also get you breakfast, served till noon the following day.  

A Bit of a Novelty

Indoor plumbing is relatively new in Dynamo Hill, and not many establishments have them, especially outside of the upper class districts. It is a recent addition to the tavern, which boasts four indoor toilets: two on the ground floor and two on the upper floor. It has increased the number of travellers and vistors who stay in the tavern lodgings.
Rumour Has It
There was a guy in town a few years back, who had this crazy idea that the sisters were in fact just one person. He told anyone who would listen, that the twins were an evil being so powerful it needed two bodies to house itself in. Most folk just thought he was crazy, and after a few weeks he just up and left town, no one has seen him since.


The tavern has quite a large pool of regulars, who are more than happy to reccommend the tavern to visitors and travellers. The sisters realised this was good for business, and there is even a free drink in it for those who send customers their way.  
If you're looking for a fun night out, while you're in town, you should really check out Tap n Toes. Oh, and tell em Swinging Sally you.
— regular to a tourist
  About a year back, Rowena suggested that the sisters put posters up down by the airship docks, where travellers with money are mostly likely to arrive in Dynamo Hill. The sisters took this advice, and it has increased the number of guests they have at the lodgings, to the point where they are full nearly every night.
Rumour Has It
Some people have remarked on how the trumpet player of the Devil's Due looks awfully familiar. A few, more well travelled, visitors have noted that he's the double of the outlaw Rusty Emerson. The sisters find this quite amusing, as to them he is just their second cousin, Oswald.


The tavern isn't known for its gourmet cuisine. While the food is always well cooked and uses fresh ingredients, where possible, it is a simple fare, revolving a round a few signature dishes and an array of hot and cold sandwiches.  
by 905513 on Pixabay


The bar stocks a broad array of beers, ales, wines and spirits, as well as a variety of juices. The sisters are both rather fond of tea, so there is a rather impressive selection of teas available also. Stanley is able to make whatever drink a customer asks for, providing he has the right ingredients of course, and is usually willing to track down special requests for regulars he likes.
by Flutie8211 on Pixabay
Rumour Has It
Ember isn't actually her real name, she was a pretty famous merc who got on the wrong side of a powerful organisation when they tried to rip off her and her partner. She is actually hiding out in Dynamo Hill, as the organisation has put out a bounty on her head.

Header art by geralt on Pixabay


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