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No one knows who made Horizon, how it came to be, or even how it is powered. It has been circling the desert continent called the Chakra, for millennia. Somewhere along the line, people stopped trying to recapture the olden days of magic and magical construction of artifacts and instead became more focused on wealth acquisition. The major factions of the world all wanted a piece of the city ship, which led to the ship wars. The elves, gnomes, humans, dwarves, halflings all fought over control of the ship over the course of centuries. No one group was ever able to grab and maintain control over the ship, though many tried. Some succeeded, but in very short order were ousted by another group. Over two hundred years ago multiple factions all established footholds on the ship simultaneously. There arose seven different armed camps on the ship. No one group could gain control because whenever one was close, the others all banded together and pushed them all back into balance. Over decades which turned into centuries, the 7 camps turned into merchant houses, all of whom worked together, mostly, to oversee the management of the ship-city. There arose a ruling council, membership on the council was relegated to the ruling persons of each guild or their surrogate. One guild, one vote. A tenuous peace fell over the ship, one that has lasted till today, over two hundred years at last count. The Seven Guilds are:

  • Maryllis - The Entertainers Guild - Humans Siris - Church - Elves Gerentine - The Textiles Guild - Elves Velenu - Animal Guild - Elves Goldbur - Banking Guild - Gnomes Edgewright - Weapons Guild - Dwarves Blackburn - Stone & Glass Guild - Dwarves


Council of the Guilds
Large city

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