• Drinking a healing potion is a bonus action. Force feeding it to someone else is still an action.
  • A spell with a material component that costs more than 20gp requires the specific item mentioned. Otherwise, gold can be substituted. Like normal, a spell does not consume the items unless specifically stated so.
  • When an enemy hits exact 0 hitpoints when taking damage, they will drop unconscious (if appropriate for the type of enemy). Regardless of whether the attack was non-lethal.
  • When readying an attack, one can include a 5 foot step in that attack.
  • For ease of role-playing, and distinguishing when characters or NPC's are saying something: Things said in English are said by the character one is playing. Things said in Dutch are not.
  • It will be clear when a PC triggers a trap. The DM will tell what the PC hears or feels (something clearly trap-like) and then go "This is a trap, quick, what do you do!". After which the player is to quickly make a decision, which will impact if the trap hits them, whether they take damage, how much damage they take, and what kind of roll they should make (if any).


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