Gidza Heartroot

A small ground-hugging plant with magical restorative properties, it glows with a soft green light. Despite the name, it is in fact the leafs which are heart-shaped. These, along with the stems, can be eaten for a slight amount of magical restoration. When dried and powdered, they can be used as ingredients for certain types of Healing Potion . The leafs slowly lose their glow when removed from the plant. The glow subsides completely after about one day, and with it the immediate healing properties.   The roots should not be eaten, as they are quite poisonous.
Geographic Distribution

World of Telarul

Gidza Heartroot Leafs

Trade Good


Small heart-shaped leafs of the Gidza Heartroot. Glow a soft green, this glow subsides after one day. While glowing, they can be eaten for 1 HP of healing.   When dried and ground into a powder, they can be used as an ingredient for healing potions.


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