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Legs of the Ether-Tree


Only one known construction of these living legs is known to exist, having been created by a rouge group of researchers who had hidden agendas against the guardians of a forest Nodeheart . They felled two great tree in the aftermaths of a vicious battle at the Nodeheart, and used vile enchanting magic to bind the ancient trees to their wills.
It is said that the last wielder of the legs of the Ether-trees died under interrogation from people who wanted to know the location of his vehicle, and that the legs now walk solemnly through the wilderness, looking for their former master.  


The thinner branches of the trees could encircle and grab onto the wielders legs, forming an almost exoskeleton-like set of branches that offered protection and control to the user. The thick trunks of the two trees became platforms on which the wielder could walk, lifted up by the branches a good ten feet above the ground.  

Abilities and Powers

The legs of the ether-tree offered enormous strength and destructive power to their wielder, as well as agility and protection. The trunks had the power to level small houses to the ground, and the roots could grab onto things, squishing them or hurling them through the air. The roots where very agile, almost possessing a mind of their own. Upon the will of their wielder, they could do things such as grab on to the cracks in between rocks, giving her the ability to climb mountains and other vertical surfaces.

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