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Over 300 years ago, the Great Mage War ravaged the kingdom of Shatari. Arcane masters battled against the King and his armies, corrupting the land with massive amounts of magical energies. The land itself already shattered and broken, the magi continued using their powers with reckless abandon. Only once they had destroyed Shatari Castle with fiery rocks pullled from the sky did the Lords of the land cease their infighting to band together and end the magi menace.   Now, the Lord's Alliance rules over the Shattered Lands with each Lord having dominion over their own lands. Life continues but the effects of the war are still felt. Areas of the land have become so permeated with magical energies that it warps spells cast within it and prolonged exposure can cause mutation or madness. The Great Tree Yggdrassil has begun to show signs of a strange blight. The fey are crossing over from the Feywild more and more.   The outside world has felt the repercussions of the war as well. The oceans have become more chaotic, massive storms that seem to seek out ships. Jungles turned to deserts and deserts became treacherous bogs.

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The Shattered Lands

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

Journey across magic-torn lands and work to repair the damage.

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