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Brandevento Family

The ruling family of Pyrtan, the largest kingdom in the continent of Guemparra.   Once just another noble family from the many kingdoms that existed in the region now known as Os Grandes Reinos, the Brandevento family became one of the greatest political powers in the Current Age after being given control over most of Tarpos III's conquered territory in the East. Despite the ever-present animosity between the the newly founded kingdoms of Pyrtan and Calamar, the Brandeventos have managed to lead their people in a mostly pacifistic path, building their nest one strand at a time.   It is said that the Brandevento line carries the blood of legendary hero Hollymorel The Listener. Although such claims aren't exactly unheard of among gnome families, the natural predisposition many Brandevento display towards magic does lend them some weight.


Age of Conflicts

  Back then, the Brandevento family went by another name: Saltacampo. Not much of note is known about the family in this age, until, eventually, one particular Saltacampo was placed at the head of the military from the small kingdom of Clazul.  

Age of Tarpos


Pyrtaan Saltacampo

  As Tarpos' Conquest advanced towards the eastern part of Guemparra, many of the kingdoms from that region fell, and refugees scattered to the south. When the King of Clazul was assassinated by Tarpos agents, along with his heirs, the law of the kingdom established that rulership would be temporarily be attributed to the leader of the military. At the time, Pyrtaan Saltacampo was the General of Clazul's army. As such, he received the title of General-Regent.   Legends tell that Pyrtaan was able to talk to birds as easily as he talked to people. With that ability, he would command the small creatures in order to scout and detect Tarpos's troops. Eventually, as the Emperor's army approached Clazul, Pyrtaan decided to evacuate as much of the kingdom as he could manage.   The population traveled south, avoiding enemies with the help of Pyrtaan's birds when possible, and defeating whatever trouble they couldn't evade with the army he commanded. Along the way, the small mass of people would grow, as more and more refugees would find their way to Pyrtaan's roaming kingdom.  

The Order of the Star

  Among these different groups of refugees, Pyrtaan eventually found a band of adventurers in a precarious state. The General-Regent took them in, and ordered his healers to tend their wounds. Having recovered from their previous battles, the group started to work together with Pyrtaan and his army with the objective to defeat Tarpos III. The members of this group, along with volunteers from Clazul's army and other warriors that had joined Pyrtaan and his people, would eventually play an essential role in the Fall of Tarpos, and later be the ones to found the Ordem da Estrela.   Pyrtaan Saltacampo died at the end of the Age of Tarpos.  

Current Age


Rewards and Rulership

  After the Fall of Tarpos, the newly formed Ordem da Estrela thought it fair to reward the Saltacampo family for their assistance in the defeat of Tarpos III, as well as their protection of the people of the lands. As such, they supported Godovim Saltacampo, Pyrtaan's eldest son, as one of the new kings of the Grandes Reinos. Godovim was given rulership over the territory west of the O Trovador river, roughly speaking. Godovim changed the family name to Brandevento, and named the new kingdom Pyrtan.   Many of the laws and customs of the old kingdom of Clazul, as well as traits from Pyrtaan and the Saltacampo family, were used as standards for this new society, now being spread over a much larger territory. As examples, the rule of having the military leader take over in cases where there are no clear inheritors, the cultural focus on community and family, and the relative acceptance of stranger species and ethnicities into Pyrtan.  

Rising Tensions

  After the eastern territories were divided between the new kingdoms of Pyrtan and Calamar, some disagreements began to form. Although no big conflict has occurred so far in the Current Age, tensions had begun to rise recently. In order to prevent a war, the Brandevento family agreed to meet the ruling family of Calamar. This meeting concluded with several promises and agreements, among which the definition that Daaria Brandevento, the first princess of Pyrtan, was to marry Augusto Telcontar Teixeira, prince of Calamar.   Wanting to rule Pyrtan on her own, and eventually the entire region of the Grandes Reinos, Daaria escaped and went in search of power. As both factions, as well as several other interested parties, searched for the missing princess, diplomatic relationships became sour, and currently the two greatest kingdoms in Guemparra stand at the brink of war.

One Strand at a Time

Nomes Alternativos
Saltacampo (formerly)

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