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Within the nine Mainstay Worlds and the more numerous Lunar Worlds, sits a world where humans are rare. This is a world devoted to the beginnings of cultural evolution. Those groups that strive mightily might someday see their kind rise to form a Demi-race. Once this has been achieved, perhaps a group will gain enough power to become a Race and rival the other Races; Human, Cleftyck and Vast already dominant on worlds elsewhere.   On Tebberan, cities are rare as these are places more associated with Races. There are cities of course; the Rakshahasa have built some proving that they have risen to Race status. The other beasts are right to respect the Rakshahasa, while exerting themselves to rise similarly.   There are four continents; Felix, Canis, Urn and Saurn. Each is the birthplace of a single and dominant type of beast. In addition, there are Rogue beasts that are of other types that have lost their fight to reach higher status but are no less worthy as individuals.   Recent events have brought the importance of Tebberan into focus. Here is a place of untapped potential already striving to become more. Both the inhabitants and those of other worlds, can see that this young world could well be crucial to the Spires of the Array and the other Powers interested in controlling the universe.

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