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Cindragona Mountains

The Cindragona Mountains are tucked between the Siquora Forest and Old Galtersap Swamp. Meaning "Red Dragon's Spine" in Sakechwaan, the red mountain range is well known for its rich mineral deposits and its strange, mammoth sized tunnels which are found on some of its sides. It isn't exactly known how old these tunnels are, but most people suspect that a nest of red wyverns once patrolled the skies near the mountain range. The mountains hold strange mysteries as there have been accounts of strange sightings of still foggy entities with glowing red eyes staring along the ridges of the mountains.  

Cindragona Tunnels

Reports of large, mysterious tunnels have come up from accounts of the local Sakechwaan settlements. According to the elders, their forefathers have also seen the tunnels and believe those tunnels have been there since before people have settled in Tcheroga's outskirts. Locals believe those tunnels are the remnants of ancient wyvern nests. No one knows for sure if anything may still rest within those tunnels, but the locals have advised against travelers going near or inside them.  


There have been reports of strange sightings of dark, foggy entities with red glowing eyes beaming from the ridge of the mountain range. They are said to resemble old frontiersman and trailblazers, however their shape can vary. Though the sources are questionable at best, locals from Sakechwaan and Empire settlements have nicknamed them "Ridge-watchers." Witnesses have claimed they show up along the ridge of the mountain sides only during twilight and dawn. More information is needed to prove their existence and their nature.
Mountain Range


Redwoods, Cedars, Saint's Clover, Fork-Tongued Mountain Flower

Mountain Lion, White-tusked Bear, Great Elder Elk, Red-Tailed Sky Sovereign

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