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Lord of Desperation Verzelt (He/Him)

Verzelt is the Demon Lord of Desperation who sees Corit as something of a rival/nemesis. He was once an unemployed and unhomed angel desperate for any sort of wealth to call his own. This desperation led him to join Putschi during The Schism War. He is also known to have led the horde that fought Corit for months during The War of Returning Fiends.   Verzelt is fueled by the desperation of mortals, and so tries his best to fuel that desperation in turn through his Cult and Warlocks. When in need of a new warlock, Verzelt will call upon his cult to find someone with potential and subtlely put them in as desperate a situation as possible. When Verzelt feels the spike in desperation near his devotees, he'll appear to the potential warlock in a vision, and offer to help them out of the desperate situation in exchange for the warlock's service. As such, many warlocks will feel as though they owe Verzelt and his cult their lives.   As the Lord of Desperation, Verzelt treats any goal he has as a matter of life and death, from getting a new warlock to finishing his dinner.

Divine Domains


Divine Symbols & Sigils

Verzelt's cult members display tapestries with his bloodied, ringed fists. They also tend to wear large and heavy iron or steel rings which, much like his own, provide more weight behind their punches.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Verzelt is a hulking beast covered in dark red scales. He has large horns protruding from the front and top of his head, a long spiked tail, and a bestial maw. He wears little more than a rag as a loincloth and large metal rings which put more weight behind his punches.

Special abilities

When in a fight, Verzelt relies on his incredible strength and monstrous physique. He fights by punching, biting, and swinging his spiked tail at people.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Verzelt was once an angel with little to his name. He spent most of his days begging on the streets and his nights sleeping in alleys. As such, he was desperate for a change. When Putschi approached him with a plan for a revolution, Verzelt saw it as an opportunity to change his lot in life and agreed immediately, taking part in The Schism War but not having too important a part to play.   After losin The Schism War and being banished to The Fiendish Planes, Verzelt's old desperation returned with a vengeance. Verzelt tried to fight through his injuries and return to The Celestial Plane before anyone else, although all his attempts succeeded in doing was worsening his injuries. The Fiendish Planes latched onto his desperation and used it to corrupt him, turning him into a twisted monster that treats any goal he has as a matter of life and death. His worsened injuries also allowed the plane to corrupt him physically, changing his form into that of a hulking scalled beast.   Leading up to The War of Returning Fiends, Putschi saw Verzelt's desperation as a sign of potential and so lent him a horde to lead. Verzelt lead the horde on the small village that would become Coriton. There he and his horde fought against Corit, who held his own for months. Seeing the desperation in him, Verzelt began to see Corit as something of a desperation rival or nemesis. Eventually reinforcements arrived to help Cort and drove Verzelt and his horde back, keeping the village safe.

Personality Characteristics


Due to Guerri's interference, Verzelt's main goal is to beat the Devils and allow the Demons to take over all of The Fiendish Planes. Like all of his goals, Verzelt treats this one with an amount of desperation beyond what would be normal for a matter of life and death.


Contacts & Relations

Verzelt leads his horde through fear, threatening to kill anyone who disobeys him. He does so both to get results, but also in order to build desperation and thus his own power. As such he doesn't really come up with tactics which might boost his horde's confidence. He forces his horde to rely on their own quick thinking or instincts.   His horde mostly consists of Dretchs, Goristros, Hezrous, and Manes.   Verzelt uses Chasme's to track down any deserters or traitors so that he can follow through on his threats.   All Demon Lords have Quasits working for them when the Quasits aren't being devoured.
Presented Sex
Bright Yellow
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Red Scale
Incredibly Muscular

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