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The Children of Matercu and Pate

The Cildren of Matercu and Pate is a cult devoted to Matercu and Pate, and ArchDevil duo known as The Parents. They run the Potentiamala Orphanage in Centvic. The current head of both the orphanage and cult is Lillian Patercu, a powerful Warlock. The orphanage accepts all orphans in need, with the most vulnerable and influencable ones being chosen to be inducted into the cult. The leaders of the cult portray The Parents, and themselves, parental figures for their potential recruits in order to make it harder for the potential recruit to refuse and/or leave.   When a member of the cult is able to acquire a job, they send much of their income to the cult/orphanage, providing most of their funding, although the orphanage also accepts donations and is funded in part by the kingdom.   By devoting themselves to The Parents, they offer their souls to them so that, when they die, they will join their forces in the war between Devils and Demons as a Lemure. All as a way to repay them for their "care."


The Children of Matercu and Pate act as a sort of family. While there is a hierarchy of sorts, it doesn't have any sort of ranking system beyond Lillian being in charge with the title of "Matron." Generally speaking, the members refer to each other as siblings, with someone being of a higher rank being an older sibling and someone of a lower rank being considered the younger sibling.

Public Agenda

The Potentiamala Orphanage's pubic agenda is to provide a home for children with nowhere to go, as well as to provide a system for which those people can find a place to go.


The cult uses the Potentiamala Orphanage as its base of operations and as it's public face. As such it's mainly centered in Centvic, where the orphanage is situated. Some of their senior members are stationed in Harvton.

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