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The Parent Matercu (She/Her)

Matercu is the wife of Pate and part of the ArchDevils duo known as The Parents. Back when the two of them were angels they sought to become God and Goddess of Marriage, Fertility, and Family, but were unable to in part because of Garde and Morin who they grew to resent. This resentment eventually lead them to partcipate in The Schism War and become the ArchDevil duo they are now. It is said that they are the parents of most, if not all, of the fiends in The Nine Hells.   The Parents put on a front of being loving parental figures while subtlely using their authority as pseudo-parents to encourage the ones they "care" for towards evil deeds, manipulating devils and mortals alike. The pair's Cult work to avoid disappointing them, while running an orphanage in order to induct impressionable and desperate youths into the cult. Their Warlocks are mostly people with parental issues who have been manipulated by the duo or their cult since their youths.   Since the two wanted to be Gods of Marriage, Fertility, and Family, they will often accept deals with those looking to start/grow a family with more leniancy and with a lower, but still incredibly high, cost.   Some believe that The Parents are the parents of The Dead One, but any evidence for or against that claim has been lost.   She is quite talented at magic.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

While her bright red skin and eyes, or her long black hair, are certainly important parts of her appearance, the most identifiable part of her appearance is her large white wedding dress and veil. The bottom of her dress and veil are blackened by soot and ash.   She doesn't have any weapons, instead relying on the sharp points her fingers taper into can cause quite a bit of damage when needed.   Her once white wings have become charred black bat-like in nature, and her halo has become the sharp horns her veil hangs from.

Special abilities

While she can slash at people with her claws, she specializes in offensive magic. Oftentimes she's magically supported by Pate.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

When Matercu and her husband, Pate, were angels they wished for nothing more than for their love to be recognized by the gods. They thought that, in order for this to be accomplished, they needed to become a pair of Gods of Marriage, Fertility, and Family. They weren't entirely sure of how they would accomplish this but swore that they would. Unfortunately for them Garde and Morin got married before they could gain such a title and, as the only married Goddesses, became the unofficial Goddesses of Marriage.   After the perceived slight against them, Matercu and Pate began to resent the married Goddesses and, eventually, the other Gods as well. When Putschi approached them with the idea of a revolution they agreed quickly, participating in The Schism War but not playing any particularly important part in the war.   After the war, as they recovered in The Fiendish Planes, the two's resentment towards the Gods grew as the plane corrupted them and their desire to be the Gods they wished to be. When The War of Returning Fiends came they, along with The Dead One, attacked Morin's Garden fueled by their personal resentment. When they witnessed The Dead One's death they realized they were outmatched and fled back to Regna's forces, accidentally causing chaos to spread among the army.   After returning to the now divided Fiendish Planes they joined Regna in The Nine Hells. Their old desire to become the Gods of Marriage, Fertility, and Family was further corrupted eventually leading them to become the ArchDevil duo they are now.

Personality Characteristics


Matercu is currently at war with the Demon Hordes and is mostly just trying to get the war done and over with so that she can once again focus on unleashing all her anger on Garde and Morin. In order to finish the war as quickly as possible, she's helping expand the Devil Army's numbers both through having children and through corrupting mortals.


Contacts & Relations

Matercu shares her reign over her layer of The Nine Hells with her husband, Pate. together they command most types of devils who they see as their children. They tend to avoid having commanders among their ranks, micromanaging their army and giving every order a personal touch.   Imps make up most of their subordinates, but they also command Barbed Devils, Erinyes, Horned Devils, Spined Devils, and Sucubi/Incubi as well as "caring" for the Lemures that form from the souls of mortals they've corrupted.
Presented Sex
Bright Red
Long Black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Bright Red

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