Thin Reality

A Discussion of the long lasting effects of The Rebirth.

Stanley stood on the edge of the clearing, his mother had warned him not to wander into the woods, but mother warned him not to do anything and he was fed up of it. He looked at the cave on the other side of the clearing its entrance was dark and shadowy. The clearing itself seem safe enough, he strode into the clear towards the cave, determine to have his "Adventure".   No sooner had he stepped into the clear his feet sank into the grass, not so much as sinking in to the dirt, but rather the ground was like liquid. He started to panic as he slipped deeper and deeper into the ground screaming for help. Stanley's scream stopped short, replaced by a gurgling, and choking noise as he coughed up dirt and rock, slowly the ground return to its solid nature and his organs melded with soil and rock beneath.   He was found three days later by a hunter, who tried to dig the body out, to the hunters horror the boy's lower body was a disgusting melding of blood, dirt and rock that was seemingly solid to the touch. To this day Stanley’s legs still stand in the clearing serving as a warning not to enter the glade.
— A Tale from a Storyteller in Wesland
  Although the dream defines all of creation and reality the events of The Rebirth left a lasting mark up on the world and now there are places where the definition of the dream has become blurred at best, these points are known as "Thin Reality" and are some of the most dangerous places upon Tavomia. Fortunately most of these areas are small in size, such as the glade that the above tale descibed, some however can be far larger.  

A Weakening of the Dream

Thin points in the dream manifest as areas that have unstable reality, in these areas the normal natural laws can bend or be completely broken, which makes them an incredibly dangerous place to explore. However these points also allow for direct access to the power of the dream itself, and this is commonly a place where either natural Portals are formed or created by none natural means.  

Of Nightmares and Dreams

The first thing to remember is that any strong thoughts or memories can manifest as physical things, so if you are in one of these areas be very mindful of the things that you think of, for you may have to face them. The worst situation you could find yourself in is if you are with someone who has particularly bad phobias or are mentally unstable since their fears and imagined foes will indeed become real to all those present. The old phrase of "Be Careful of what you wish for!" would be a good rules for dealing with these areas.  

Warping of the Physical World

Stronger fractures in the dream will have dire consequences for the surround area, air may be come water, up may be come sideways, solid objects maybe become like liquid and can revert just as fast, and all manner of other strange things may happen both to the environment and your own body. Do not be surprise if you gain extra limbs, eyes, mouth, and other appendages. The most nightmarish point of all this is that you will most like live through these events, whether you remain sane is another matter entirely.  

The Blending of Life

Another thing that can happen is the blending of various physical objects or biological creatures, and it is indeed believed that this is how the races of the Rashanni, the Baern and the Makou were formed since all of these species originated near points of thin reality. This effect however is not limited to biological matter and it is quite possible for rocks to be turned into pure gold, and water to be given life by blending with the creatures that once lived within it.  

Reality Rating Chart

The rating system used by "Storm Chasers" to measure the effects of a Thin Point in reality.

RR-0NormalStable Reality No Changes
RR-1MinorSlight changes, pigment variation, minor mass changes
RR-2ModeratePigment and minor genetic mutations, some changes to natural laws
RR-3Severecommon mutation and genetic blending, natural law re-ordering.
RR-4ExtremeThoughts become reality, reality constantly shifts, large changes to natural law
RR-5MassiveRift Formation, Complete Collapse of Reality.

Natural Disasters

Other common "Anomalies" in the dream that are caused by weak points result in Earthquakes, Tornadoes and other such violent natural phenomena and the origin points of these events can always be traced to a weak spot. In fact, some scholars spend their lives following such events and they are often referred to as "Storm Chasers".  


Within the lands of Tavomia volcano are not caused by tectonic plate movement instead they are the result of severe weakening of the dream that allows the essence of Seraphine’s power to bleed into the dream, this is so powerful that it turns reality into form of liquid that manifests as what the people of the lands know as magma. However, if one were able to reach the centre of this rift you would find nothing but pure blinding light.  

Time Shifts

One of the rarest events are time shifts, these are areas where time does not flow at the same speed as the rest of the world, for example twenty years might pass in ten minutes of the outside world. Or you might vanish for a century to return only a few minutes older. At its rarest a person may find themselves translocated to a completely different time.  


There are tales of these events, but virtual none that can be proven, when reality is so volatile a "Rift" in the dream may occur where the pure energy of creation explodes outwards, cause violent mutation and reimagining of the area, anything caught it this area is like to either be reverted back to its purest form or mutated in to something completely different.


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