Sheersun, The Hand of Araquiel

One of the Legendary Swords of Lul'nir

Sheersun is an ornate golden long sword forged from Divine Steel the hilt is bound with what would appear to be Dragon hide, and is etched with angelic script along its blade. The sword glows faintly at all time, when held by on of the Lightbringer's it will burst into radiant light that strikes fear in to the hearts of the corrupt and wicked.    

Origns of Sheersun

This weapon is the one of a set of thirteen blades that were created during The Divine War by Lulnir, The Light Bringer, they were used by his most trusted champions the Ascended.   This paticular blade was wielded by Araquiel one of the strongest of the thirteen, who fell during the final days of the Divine war defending Seraphine, The Mother of All while she preformed her ritual sacrifice that brought about The Rebirth, upon his death one of Seraphine's watcher retrived his sword and kept in safe keaping until the end of the rebirth when it was handed back to the first of the new formed lightbringers.  

Arms of the Knight Marshal

Since that day it has been held by the Knight Marshall of The Lightbringers and is now used as part of thier intiation process, due to the fact that it is made from Divine Steel it used to ensure that new members of the Lightbringers are pure of hearth when they take their binding oaths.

Sheersun Traits

melee weapon (mythical, longsword)
Category: Artefact of Power[   Damage: +5 weapon, 4d8 Radiant
  Item Rarity: Mythical
  Item Price: Invaluable
  Range: Melee
  Properties: Versatile, Unbreakable
  Weight: 6lb
  Lightbringer's Judgement: When Sheersun is picked up, Lul'nir's light judges it's wielder. If said wielder is deemed worthy the weapon will glow a bright gold and will function as intended, however if the wielder is deemed unworthy, the weapon will cause the wielder's hand to burn dealing 4d8 radiant damage per turn to it's holder. In addition the weapon will also cause the owner to experience the voice of Lul'nir, causing the holder to be feared, this effect nullifies prior fear immunities.
  Lul'nir's Light: When the user wields Sheersun, the weapon emits a light that cuts through the darkness, this light radiates 60ft of bright light and 60ft of dim light. The radiance ceases when the weapon returns to it's sheath.
  Araquiel's Wrath: You utter divine words of Lul'nir and burning golden light erupts from you. Each creature within 10ft must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or take 4d6 radiant damage. Evil creatures have disadvantage on this saving throw.

Addition Information

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