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The World Serpent

The myth of the World Serpent is a terriying one, largely relating to the large-scale slave revolt known as Breaking of Chains. The tale and myth of this World Serpent has changed the historical event of a slave revolt to an epic-scale battle between the very deities of humanity and the monstrous yuan-ti. Although, even as tales of the World Serpent are told through oral tradition, the sophisticated Freefolk rarely bother themselves with thinking of the World Serpent as anything more than a myth, as a creature with the estimated scale of the Serpent would've left behind large-scale fossils to find.


Most plausible explanations behind the World Serpent mythology arise from the tenacity of humans and the terrifying losses from the large-scale war against the yuan-ti empire. It is believed that the fictional "Ragegod" and "World Serpent" were created as a way of justifying the losses and to further a 'divine' claim for the freefolk to claim their freedom from the cruel servitude of the yuan-ti.
The unnamed entity of World Serpent is believed to have been some form of a demonic/divine being summoned by the Ancient Empire of Phorexia to guard and to rule their realms. The sheer size of the mythological serpent could've been enough to surround all of Cauldron of Creation and it is perhaps used as a form of an excuse to justify how during their enslavement the freefolk were unable to flee from their masters.

Physical Description

"Umbral scales, vibrant with hues of purple and mischievous violet, turning to ash-grey. Eyes like two erupting volcanoes, with crimson smoke pouring out of them and a mouth filled with mountain-sized fangs, continuously awake, seemingly hungering. This was only when people could spot the creature, or when it was seen blocking the sun with it's rigid, almost spiked form with its outward-protruding scales. It is said that day and night were mixed when the World Serpent had coild itself in the skies of Phorexia"~Account of Phorexian Myths, 675.


The World Serpent's destruction came about during the slave revolt of freefolk, with the other mythological being of Ragegod bringing down the colossal creature, and destroying it during the rebellion. This is believed to have been the turning point of the revolt, and the tale has had a positive impact on the freefolk ever since in serving as a form of tale to bolster the freefolk's belief in their abilities to survive any challenge the world might throw at them.
Serpent of Phorex
Snake-God of the Yuan-Ti
Myth Origin
Breaking of Chains
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