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The Golden Company

If it can be broken, it was not from us! 

The Golden Company, the largest mercantile force to rise from Phorex isles deals in both, minerals and slaves. Known for the sturdiness and quality of their metals and the endurance of their slaves, their motto rings a cold truth to their clients: if it can be broken, it was not from the Company.


Commissionary, G. B. Crowner

The second-highest status among Golden Company belongs to a veteran and a born Phorexian named G. B. Crowner. A stoic man, heavily bearded and often clad on the scent of finest Phorexian tobacco. Many question the need of a man like Crowner to the toke of a Commissioner, who is responsible for the upkeep of the Company's reputation in Phorex Isles while the company keeps on stretching further and further in the world with the chairmen seemingly losing interest in the minor local dealings. Others say that Crowners placement here acts as a punishment for some screw-up within the company, while there are even rumors of a secret mission regarding the tribalists of Bay of Gifts or a task relating hidden Yuan-Ti.

Slavekeeper, Bozunn

It takes a special man to withstand one's morals and Sanity in the slave-trade. And it takes a very special Gnome to find the right tool for the right job in breaking a violent tribalists mind to that of an obedient slave. Bozunn is often seen near the Western walls, protected by his hired help and inspecting the quality of the Golden Company's "stock".

Ringleader, Black

A gruff dwarf known only by the name he grumbles to those curious enough to ask: "Black". A grey-skinned dwarf often mistaken for a duergar, Ringleader Black is the most infamous member of the Golden Company. Often prowling low streets near the docks of Kir Vallen with a band of surprisingly well-behaved hooligans who seem to have a taste in specific people who have acted out against the Company.

Public Agenda

The Golden Company has a single goal: To bring wealth and success to the people of Phorex Isles. To achieve this, they have taken multiple steps and have nearly become a small militia, entrusted by the Emperor and the local guardforce to help in peacekeeping.

1. Conquering the Monarch Jungles

Even as legends speak of ancient humans domesticating many of the dinosaurs of Monarch Jungle and some of the modern tribes manage to do so, a simple fact of the land remains that Monarch Jungle is the key to prosperity on Phorex Isles. Ignorant tribalists and simple animals do not understand the value of that in which they live nor care to change their selfish ways. 

2. Protection of the Free Men. 

With the emperor and local culture being especially invested in hatred against the Yuan-Ti, eradicating any uprisings or cults has become a task of great importance within the Company. In addition to this, this includes the apprehension and enslavement of any dangerous tribalists, especially those belonging to the volatile Ghermygg's Claws that have caused many acts of terror against the city of Kir Vallen. 

3. Uphold g the integrity of the Company

Voices to openly sabotage or deny the Golden Company's progress are as well voiced against the Emperor and must be shut down. Kir Vallen has a handful of smoldering ruins with the handwriting of G. B. Crowner all over their charred carcasses.


Great investments of gold and coin have come out as the most obvious victory of gaining such great public recognition. The Company is also known to have the Emperors ear on most occasions and their numbers re considered that of a small, but an extremely well-trained militia.

If it can be broken, it was not from the Company!

Corporation, Commerce
Alternative Names
Gilded Mercenaries
Notable Members

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