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Republic of Praesidium

Started through protection, enforced by those it protects.

  Republic of Praesidium is perhaps the most influential and far-spread political power in all of Bravalon. Seconding even the kingdom of Melchor, and leaving much to be desired from the Dargani Empire. Born from the core principles of a simple academy, the influence of the academy began to spread further and further and with time, entire communities were built on the shores of Lake Recilian. With one horror after another, all scaling from local warlords to the near-cataclysmical hag marches, Praesidium showed its devotion to the safety and protection of those it cared about. Due to this devotion the Republic has earned its place at the helm of civilisation.


Being a civilized land, with its aim for prosperity through fairness and righteousness, Republic of Praesidium is one of the more complex political powers reigning in Taurua. Praeisidum consists of several smaller provinces, namely the provinces of: Aprastan, Wesk Prye, Sciunes, Ashweiton, Eskea, Placatia and Escal Stresh.


In Praesidium, people are so well governed by different laws and policies that people living in one of its provinces have a rather strong sense of fair play and -in their eyes- justice. On one hand, this has many times hindered the decisionmaking of locals as they believe in harsh punishments and often times those performing crime in Praesidium lose their worth in the eyes of their kin. This dedication to focus on punishing the guilty has inversely led to the growth of criminal organisations, who are willing to partner with those who have lost their status with the decent folk.
However, if one were to look a safe place where to conduct business or where to grow a family, Praesidium might be one of the safest locations in Bravalon to do just that. With its strict laws and regulations, even ordinary citizen are ready to band and aid each other from any easily recognisable wrongdoings. Provinces of Praesidium are vast and as such, some outer stretches have still greater need for safety against woodland beasts, marauders and raiders. Decisionmakers and politicans of Praesidium take great care in protecting these smaller towns and villages, but this has not always stopped the spread of diseases or an approaching pack of vandals before it is too late.
People of Praesidium are greatly aware of magics, even as it is a rare sight in the city. It is, after all built around one of the greatest human magical academies to exist. A normal citizen of Praesidium would most likely recognise nearly all of the Gemstone Realms and even magic schools associated with them, as Praesidium is a constant client to other academies or a crossing spot for different arcane arts.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Republic
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Official State Religion
Related Professions
Controlled Territories

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