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Monarch Jungle

Jungle of Ancient Kings

Monarch Jungles cover most of Phorex Isles, and before the wide spread of Kir Vallen covered nearly all of the southern island. Known as one of the most hostile, vibrant and beautiful places in the known world, these jungles host a large family of ancient dinosaurs and the king of all dinosaurs: Horrifying tyrannosaurus rexes, that have according to ancient Yuan-Ti etchings plagued their ancient civilizations as well. The jungle gets smaller by the year as hunters of Kir Vallen receive more and more fundings with greater gear and as the city pushes its eastern walls aggressively into the jungle territory.


Monarch Jungle would be a paradise without the constant danger of predators and aggressive phorexian tribalists. Surrounded by vast shores, the jungle has a single large lake, dense forests filled with jungle trees and high hills and rocky outcrops near the Hollow Giants. The perplexing magnitude of the jungle can be best witnessed at the shores of the lake, where high hills covered in lush trees and bushes leave a terrace to overlook a large clearing in the jungle.


Most of the phorexian people are well versed in different dinosaurs. Recognising most common species and their trails, some tribalists have even found ways to communicate or to calm the beasts and train them now to use within their tribes or at worst, against Kir Vallen. Monarch Jungle has always represented a vicious cycle of life and death, for its vast jungles are ripe with both deadly carnivores and hardy herbivores. Plantlife and growth might seem partly unnatural in the jungle, much to stand in the way of Kir Vallen's wide spread. As many areas some would believe to be barren are found with lush flora and fauna, rumors have begun to spread of a growing druidic influence within the jungles.

Ecosystem Cycles

Phorex Isles do not have a proper winter, but instead what they have is the rainseason. During this time, the large lake grows to great sizes and mostly covers the small island in middle of the lake. During rainseason, the jungle becomes even more treacherous. As only larger dinosaurs trek during hardest of storms and smaller ones seek shelter from large tree roots or from caverns dotted throughout the wilds. As a rare occurance, there have been summers when Phorex Isles has suffered through serious droughts and even forest fires. During a time of catastrophy like this, the jungle finds a way to renew its life cycle, where an area previously dominant with dinosaurs might become inhospitable for a small while and the dinosaurs migrate to a different area.


History of Phorex Isles is bound to the history of Monarch Jungles. Long ago, both hosted a major Yuan-Ti empire within their spaces. Most obvious proof of this is the standing city of Kir Vallen, built on top of ancient Yuan-Ti ruins. An empire that vast did not stop its spread there, however, and scholars and archaeologists search for their missing shrines, temples and cities in Monarch Jungles. Although phorexians are bitter people, this process might take the better part of several decades for the scholars to make any major discoveries.
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