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Hollow Giants

Phorex Isles' hollowed out Protectors

  The cloud-piercing Hollow Giants erect high from the center of Phorex Isles. Having a perhaps understated role in the islands economy and the lives of its inhabitants, these same mountains and their large passageways have always served to arm and comfort the islands inhabitants. Even back during the Yuan-Ti Empire they used massive slave-forces to empty and carve out the mountains of any precious minerals. Now, perhaps a grim reminder of the past, Kir Vallen mimics the exactly same strategy. With each day, the tunnels and many labyrinthine-like passes inside the mountainrange become deeper and deeper. In the depths of the mountain, there lay dwarven ruins from ancient times. But no historian or scholar has managed to connect these ruins to any existing clans. It is assumed that the clan was wiped out by the Yuan-Ti when it was first discovered.


Hollow Giants consist of four high mountaintops, incredibly steep the higher a climber would end up. The mountains are a part to blame for the refreshing western winds never reaching Parched Highlands. The mountainside holds many ledges and high steps, with even some ruins dotted along the way. Highest of the mountaintops has its peak towering at 12,000 feet.


Mostly barren close to the highest mountaintops and devoid of life, rumors have always circulated about creatures living at the high peaks. Tales from dragons to mountain-men surround the Hollow Giants, but with Kir Vallen's approach of mining from beneath the mountain, the topside is rarely disturbed except by tempted adventurers and mountain-climbers.

Localized Phenomena

For an unbeknownst reason, a family of ankylosauruses have moved near an ancient ruin to one of the lowest mountain peaks, approximately at 4,300 feet high. Scholars still argue on how they got that high, but are yet to commense any exploration parties to investigate the sauruses and their living habitats. Even more strangely, this mountaintop is the only one to show signs of plantlife and growth. Such was not the case a mere year ago.

Natural Resources

The Hollow Giants are incredibly rich in minerals, both below-ground and on top. The many catacomb-like dug mineshafts have granted easy access to the rich mineral veins inside of the mountain and its gold-stores, no serious effort has been made to set up any mining outposts on top of the mountains surface.


Every now and then rare mountainclimbers arrive to Kir Vallen in a claim to climb to the highest peak of the Hollow Giants. It is counted that from a party of ten, most often three return back. As the peaks are known to be treacherous and dangerous, these explorers have grown scarcer and scarcer over the years.
Mountain Range
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