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High Elves

Masters of Magic and Wise Loremasters

  While their above-ground brothers, the wood elves, focus on guerilla warfare against humans trespassing into their territory and do their best in order to cull the human population to protect rest of nature, high elves find themselves in a more elegant status. Taking an uneasy alliance with humans, often viewed as children in the eyes of the high elves, this uneasy alliance has prospered both parties with capable mages, great riches and a relative peace on neighboring settlements. As wood elves would mock their brothers and sisters to be cowards, or to trust their lot in fools, high elves see something similar to them in the human spirit. Even as moments of frustration arise when nations of humans do not see the long-term ill their plans produce, high elves still do see a speck of promise in how humans can become just as well - if not better - traversed in magic than the near-ageless high elves.


Beauty Ideals

High elves value eloquence and posture. To them, an individual is not their outfit but the combination of their outfit, status and persona. Through this, high elves mocking each other is a rare sight and seen often as barbaric manners. High elves value great devotions to hygiene, such as taking care of ones hair and body.

Major organizations

Ancient elven cities, built on the remains of cities so ancient that even the elves barely remember their origin, are mostly populated by high elves. Unlike humans that define the nature of a city by its most productive qualities such as "Gemstone Realms" for cities with magic academies and Trade ports for cities with great trading income, high elves mix all shades of life into their cities. Therefore one should expect to find all sorts of services in a city inhabited by the high elves. Small magical schools and tutelages to bath houses, art fests and marketplaces.
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