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Ghermygg's Claws

An Alliance of Rage and Anarchy

Led by a monstrous woman, calling herself the "greatest" grand-daughter of Ghermygg, a human that took part in the ancient slave rebellion and whose actual personality is shrouded in mists of history. This woman is known to her kin as Ember-Eyes, an ancient druid filled with enough rage to burn her way directly to Kir Vallen and to the Empress' seat if that meant sparing the rest of Phorex Isles from being tamed and tied down like the "meager pups of Kir Vallen".


Those serving Ember-Eyes serve beneath a traditional phorexian tribe, where everyone and their true gifts are sought out to make the best use of every working body. Others are declared as witch-doctors and healers, while some carry the mantle of hunt-masters and warriors. The strongest difference to many other, peaceful tribes in Ghermygg's Claws is that the anarchs of the Claws do not recognise a need for a "Dinomancer" or a druid able to communicate with the wildlife. True to their origins and ancient phorexian traditions, the Claws most often dominate dinosaurs in order to domesticate them. Most often this leads to largest and strongest dinosaurs receiving many gashes and scars as a byproduct of their domestication. Especially carnivorous dinosaurs are collected and used as mounts or as war-beasts on raids against Kir Vallen.


Ghermygg's Claws hold several core beliefs that make them who they are today:

1. If you are too weak to break your binds, you deserve to be bound.

Even as they fight against Kir Vallen and break their brethren free from their slavery positions, Ghermygg's Claws take great joy in humiliating their enemies by having them serve as pets. Especially those of noble blood or great status are taken in just like any dinosaur to be educated and broken thoroughly. Those who do not survive becoming a slave end up as food for the carnivores. However, seemingly more merciful than Kir Vallen, Ghermygg's Claws often give their slaves a chance or two to "prove themselves". If a slave has done enough shows of courage and survivability, they are freed. A freed slave is free to choose a life among the Claws, or return to Kir Vallen if they so desire.

2. You need to deserve your place in the world.

A seperated view from the one before, this leads more to the fact that the Ghermygg's Claws believe civilization itself to be a sign of great weakness. They view any signs of laziness such as overweight, chronic illnessess and such as irregularities that nature "would've taken care of" if that person did not live in a life of luxury. This is often seen in the tribes encampments as signs of great physical strength, where most tribalists are in peak physical condition and have earned their right to stay either by strength, wit or agility.

3. The forests reply.

The Ghermygg's Claws see themselves as natures response to the greed of Kir Vallen. Their zealous leader, Ember-Eyes has made a solemn vow and promise that the tribes will disband into smaller tribes once the threat of Kir Vallen has been defeated. Many of the tribes formed into the alliance of Ghermygg's Claws still hold their own identities, but often have to either give up their dinomancers or ro find new tasks for them as they join the Claws.

Public Agenda

Ghermygg's Claws brash displays of strength and brave raids have lead to many people, especially those living near Kir Vallen's walls, to live in doubt. As more and more anarchs are taken into prisoners, certain whispers and rumors have taken wind in Kir Vallen: If you wish to live your life free of being oppressed, the Ghermygg's Claws accept those physically strong and with minds of steel.


Unlike Kir Vallen who mainly hunt for dinosaurs, Ghermygg's Claws use the fiersome beasts as mounts and warbeasts.
Geopolitical, Tribe
Alternative Names
Murder Tribalists [mockery]
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