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Feline's Claw

Sharp is the claw that stretches for Phorex

  Or so the saying goes about Feline's Claw, named after both: It's inhabitants and the islands insidious shape. Historically the island has always been laid in mystery as an island, in which the indigenous people of the same island not only held back the nefarious yuan-ti empire for the longest, but as well freed themselves with much aggression at the same time "freefolk" of Phorex freed themselves. Therefore, it is believed there are areas on these islands untouched even by the yuan-ti and that continue to prove almost inaccessible due to the mysterious "tabaxi" that live here. In these dark jungles there lie countless of dangers, which has kept even the Dragani Empire at a bay. But how long will the island manage to fight off the outside world?


Feline's Claw consists of three areas referred to as commonly as The Claw, The Paw and The Wrist, but that have official namings as well.

The Claw (Umber-Isle)

The Claw, shaped like two claws reaching north-west towards Phorex Isles, acts as the last standing location of unknown jungles and indigenous tabaxi tribes that have not given in to the Dragani Empire. The jungles themselves work in advantage to the local tabaxi as they are lush and covered in thick canopy of leaf, branch and liana that covers the jungles in near-inescapable darkness, which does not affect the catlike eyes of the tabaxi. This is not as obvious on the shores, but the further one moves inland the more difficult it becomes to see without a source of light.

The Paw (Maroon Mounts & Woods)

The Paw, consisting of high and dry mountains that slope down into forests of great, thick redwood. These woods consist of many hillsides and bright sunlight as the high and wide trees grow a small distance from each other. The woods are known to house many great predators, but the source of redwood has encouraged many lumber companies to set their foot in The Paw.

The Wrist (Tanner's Landing)

The Wrist, or known to the outside world as the Tanner's Landing, named after the only hold on these islands. The islands themselves reminisce of a small paradise with only small bushes and plants and palm trees with coconuts enough to last for a lifetime. As sailors of Kir Vallen attempted many times to enter the Feline's Claw and each attempt was hindered, an ambitious captain terrifyingly called "Tanner" attempted a different approach - To set out a small outpost to the furthest side of the island, where the catfolk could not benefit from their keen ability to see in darkness as well. This stronghold has served as the first stronghold built on Feline's Claw, and as the first where the true attempts of conquering the island began.
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Cat Island, Beastland
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