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Empyrean Trade

"What profits the Empire profits us!" - A phrase often heard from the Trade Prince.
  Empyrean Trade is the name given to a massive trading outpost, that has overgrown its uses to become a central hub of trade in the Dragani Empire. With its ease of access to inner seas of Cauldron of Creation, many merchants from Kir Vallen deal in business here as the Empyrean Trade connects all of the trade dealings of Feline's Claw.


Empyean Trade consist of a colourful demographic, with a larger spread of people than in Kir Vallen. This includes beast-races, such as the Tabaxi and even Lizardfolk who are the original inhabitants of the Feline's Claw. Even if beastial races are treated with contempt, they are vital to any operations that take place outside of the city walls.

Guilds and Factions

The city often called Wildport is ripe with opportunity for those with a keen mind and a silvered tongue. Its reputation as a thriving trade port has had an impact on the populace, who often drive to set up their own businesses and to seek wealth to their families through honest trade. Success, coin and influence often walk hand in hand in Empyrean Trade and especially the promise of influence through a successful business has baited many into seeking near-cutpurse-ways of conducting business. Cutting losses here, and competitors there, all in the name of rising up on the political ladder.  

Golden Company

With a strong presence all throughout Dragani Empire, Empyrean Trade is no exception. The Golden Company form nearly their own militia with their mercenaries and slave-trade, with their headquarters in the capital of Kir Vallen. In Empyrean Trade, the companies mercenary-services are used the most. With the most influential members of the city having their own barracks and guard-houses protecting their mansions from all sort of ne'er-do-wells.  

Carnegie Trade Enterprises

The leading bet with Empyrean Trades trading guilds, Carnegie Trade Enterprises deal in cooperation with the Golden Company and are the main exporters of Cauldron of Creation's goods to both, Republic of Praesidium and to the Kingdom of Melchros. Carnegie Trade Enterprises consists of several lesser guilds and branches with lesser houses and foremen. On top of it all stands the founding house of the guild, House Carnegie. With its good and trusted reputation Carnegie Trade Enterprises is recognised nearly globally in Taurua, except in Wildlands and in further eastern continents.
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Tradeport, Wildport
Large town
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