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Ember Landing


Ember Landing has a rather bland populace of freemen (humans) who prefer to work as hunters, fishers, tanners, lumberjacks and leatherworkers. The town has grown in importance due to the amount of ship traffic it gets with many traders coming in for the exotic furs and leathers sold by the locals. Some tabaxi linger in town as well, but are met with heavy prejudice and largely avoided by the majority of the populace. With its distance from Kir Vallen and its unique environment, intolerance to non-human people is at an all-time high as the locals see their town as a frontier town against the predators and tribalists of Cinderwave Forest.


Ember Landing is ruled over by a Governor, who acts as the main diplomatic route to the Empire. The Governor is entrusted with handling much of the towns business and providing the best trade off to the people of Ember Landing from the traders of the Empire. Occasionally the Governor is as well allowed to partake, or even overrule judgement passed on by the court of law.


Ember Landing is a beautiful harbor town located at the southern half of Cinderwave Forest. It's nickname, the Town-With-Roof comes from the gargantuan redwood trees that fill the Cinderwave Forest. Four of these trees grow inside of the town and their wide branches are enough to cover the entire Landing with bright-red shadows.
Video by Emmanuel Aquin
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
Town-With-Roof, Flaming Port
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