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Born under the Feral Star

There are wild speculations on the mystical, scarlet Feral Star that appears at seemingly random intervals. Sometimes multiple times a year, sometimes once in five years. This folklore also believes that those born under the Feral Star grow up crooked and twisted, mischievous and bringing ill luck to those around them.


First sightings of the Feral Star were made by the High Elves, after gaining their freedom from their Ancient Masters. Tracking time through astral movement and placing great emphasis on astrological studies, the High Elves noticed the irregular activity of the single red star from one year to another. To the High Elves, the Feral Star was an object of great interest and some even believe that their magics are strongest when the Feral Star lights the night sky.
As information of the Feral Star reached the Freefolk the humans first thought nothing special of it. However, with the combination of the mad warlord and tyrant Zabra Niel being born under the Feral Star, and human wizards learning of elven belief of magic being strongest during Feral Stars, superstitions towards the mysterious object rose.
As well a general thing to consider is the freefolks dislike towards the elves, and anything thought to them by other species in general. This distrust towards elves, their teachings of the Feral Star and the strange circumstances around the astral object might all lead to the freefolk approaching the subject with superstition rather than rationality.
Unknown (Believed to be Magical)
Extremely Rare
Connection to Hags
Another field of study focused against the mischievous and ancient Fey creatures suggests the Feral Star to have an innate connection to Hags and their wicked magic. During both cataclysmical events known as "Hag Marches" the Feral Star has been lit in the sky.

Popular Phrases of the Feral Star
"Pale Stars upon you!" (Wishing for the Feral Star -not- to appear)
"Hope the stars remain tranquil today"
"I'll wish your child will be chosen by the Red Star!"[mockery]

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7 Aug, 2022 06:22

This was a really cool article. I really like how the perception of the red star became the source of a superstition and then associated with people who were either twisted in form or in spirit.