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Bay of Gifts

Lush Paradise awaits in Bay of Gifts

A decade ago, this area was mostly inhabited by peaceful tribalists and mainly herbivores of the island. The local tribalists had made it sure by their many smaller outposts in the pass between the northern sea and the Hollow Giants to keep any carnivores out from this side of the island. Here, the sanded beaches are long and every other tree bares edible fruit.
However, as of currently, one is lucky if they are able to enter the Bay of Gifts undetected and to survive in the mad teeth and chains of Ghermygg's Claws. An ever-growing alliance of different tribes that have declared war upon the greed-grown city of Kir Vallen. The once friendly herbivores now serve as fodder and food for Ghermygg's Claws domesticated and enslaved dinosaurs and the tribalists themselves hold a tight grip over their home, safe from the clutches of Kir Vallen and protected by both the wilderness of Monarch Jungles, the exhausting heat of Parched Highlands and the soaring mountaintops of Hollow Giants.


A beautiful bay stretching far out of Phorex Isles towards north and surrounded by two vast rivers. The dense jungle is more sparse here and the trees and plants bear large amounts of berries and fruits to be eaten by the Bays herbivore inhabitants.


Bay of Gifts has a route known as "The Berry Run", starting from the forests and jungles near its shores. The Berry Run begins from the South-Western shore and moves, hugging the shoreline, all the way to the North-Eastern shores. This Run is most often populated by a colorful variation of dinosaurs that begin their cherry-picking from the start of the Berry Run and finish it by the time they reach the Run's end. This area is a known "trick" to many tribalists who hunt for food or scales of the dinosaurs. The tribalists most often follow the large dinosaur packs as they move along the Berry Run.
As rare displays of natures violence, the inner portion of Bay of Gifts holds the most territorial herbivores such as triceratopses, who are willing to fight other herbivores to keep them out of their home. Most tribalists know as well to avoid this portion of the jungle, unless they need a specific herb of fruit that grows only inland.


Curiously, an artist declared that all the colours known to man can be found from the Bay of Gifts. And that the early men got all of their paints and colours from these shores.


Formerly an attractive and relatively safe tourism locale as long as the visitors to the Isles would hire a knowing guide to get them through Monarch Jungles, now the Bay has grown silent with the threat of Ghermygg's Claws hanging in the air.
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Shore of Colours
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