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The trials


The party is tested on their skills against enemies by 1 and 3, they have to plan it out, get new equipment and attack the enemies. When they plan out their plan they are helped by 3 who is very good at planning out sieges and attacks against orc associates. When they get their new equipment they are joined by 3 who tells them all what sort of equipment they need and somewhere to eat and sleep.They have to attack a group of enemies on a boat without being detected by anyone

Plot points/Scenes

First after the party is asked by the king and they accept they go and get new equipment to help them out with their operation. They have no specific budget but they do need to be reasonable. All the party go and get the amount of specific equipment they need and join together in a nearby inn. When they get there they all order whatever they want and 3 pays for it for them, then they try to take it up to a separate room upstairs but are stopped by the barkeeper until 3 shows his face and then they are allowed. Once they reach the room 3 searches everything for anything that could be used to spy on them, when he’s done they start to talk and plan out their attack.   In the morning they wake up early and start off to a distant dock by cart. When they get close they all get off and start to sneak up and set up their plan. Then they sneak further until they reach their target, it’s a man who’s heavily guarded by 3 thugs. They follow them until they reach a horse and cart, from then they follow them at a distance on horseback until they get to the appropriate point and the plan starts. A wood elf who has used mask of the wild to bland himself into the grass by the track sets off a trail of gunpowder that then sparks off a to make an explosion which stops the cart. After that the three thugs go out to investigate the explosion and while they are gone the party goes and takes the target away back to a safe house in the middle of nowhere.   It turns out that he was actually a spy in the orc government and needed a way to escape without being obviously spotted as a spy. They question him about what he knows and then is debriefed

Plot type
Parent Plot
The kings request

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