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The kings request


The king has requested the party to help the shadow elves to tear down the orc government and their leader

Plot points/Scenes

The party is separately asked to go and see the king of the elves. They are taken by a very nice carriage to see the king of the elves. They are taken into the elven palace. They are taken into a grand hall (the throne room) where they are met by the king and a shady looking man in the corner flicking around a knife in his hand. The king asks the party to be part of the shadow elves (elven secret service) to help bring down the orcs, their allies and their way of life. That’s is because the orcs are constantly attaching their city of Elathyra which is losing them valuable troops who are needed because of the high racial tensions at the time. They are told what their salary will be and that they will have access to their vast supply of resources. But they require full loyalty to the king and 1. They are also very formed about the more in-depth knowledge about the secret service of the elves. They are also told about the shadow elf who they will be working with (Sebastian’s character).They are also told that they are going to be recognised by every shop and will be treated more highly by the shop owners. This might mean that they can get a lower price on things but not always. They all accept and are taken to a very nice inn where they are given free stay for the night. Then the next day they are taken to the armoury where they are equipped with weapons and given some money to use to buy extra stuff in the city with the money. They are going to be accompanied by the agent (Sebs character). That’s so they don’t spend the money on stuff that they don’t need.


The palace is grand but lots of attention is given to 1 even though he doesn’t talk

Plot type
Plot beginning

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