Egg's Cradle

With no natural explanation or explainable circumstances in which the crater before me could have been formed, I have to assume the delicately sensitive but majestic option that we may have located the Birthing place of our most Holy Dragon Deity, Misithanis. With a crater that could only be formed by the Majestic Egg of the Universal Dragon. Because of this, our expedition has been referring to this magnificent place as the Egg's Cradle and we would bring forth the strongest wishes that the revered Palatines would accept our suggestion for its namegiving.
Mirka Weyloshi
Leading Member of the Expedition,
Adressed to Revered Palatine Terros Hymzal
299 FC



In the year 299 FC a group of daring travelers discovered a crater in the landscape of the young Kingdom of Tragonfell. It was the first time that Tragonfall settlers moved westward. The crater shocked the Sathrian with the research paper of Terros Hymzal, one of the five Palatines of the Dragon Pantheon claiming that it was the birthplace of Misithanis.  

Settling the Crater

In the years after its discovery, Egg's Cradle was mostly a place of worship by the Tragonfall Sathrian and even by some of the Sathrian from the Dragon's Reach Federation. The first settlers, under guidance of Keyndrith Zylzeth arrived in 314 FC. Keyndrith was one of Guruth's wealthy elite, making his fortune in the trade of timber and Tragonfall Wolf pelts towards the Kingdom of Essia. He was the first to erect a permanent house within Egg's Cradle and stay there. From that day on, he became known as the founder and first leader of the newly founded town of Aabradal  

Heretic city

By settling in the crater itself, Keyndrith Zylzeth angered the Five Palatines. In retaliation, they forfeited the trading license of the House of Zylzeth in the capital, leaving the rest of his family broke. Force to leave their ancestral home, the whole family and servants moved to Aabradal in search for a new chance at a good life. And they weren't alone. A lot of people wanted to be in the presence of the Gods and gave up their lifes to start anew in Aabradal. It quickly became a refuge for everyone and under the leadership of the savvy Keyndrith Zylzeth, the town became a bustling city of thousand people after only fifty years. The Palatines watched with a weary eye, disgruntled that the Holy Birthing Place of Misithanis was being sullied.  

Battle of the Crater

After the Death of Keyndrith Zylzeth a successor had to be appointed. The first four cycles were peaceful transitions of power, with four different families guiding the future of Aabradal. It was only when Xeres Aabras took over leadership that things went sour. Xeres was known as a ruthless, reckless and godless inhabitant of Aabradal and the election result was delivered by bribery, blackmail and political violence and murders. He declared The Worshippers of the Dragon Pantheon who were residing in Aabradal criminals and they were banished from the city. No longer than four months passed and as tensions grew, the public execution of one of his political adversaries was the match that lit the fire in the city of Aabradal. For ten days straight the city erupted into mayhem and violence, with warring factions of militia fighting over control over streets and districts. No family wanted to align themselves with another but vied to grab the power for themselves. On the eleventh day, a military force from outside broke through the closed gates of the Cradle and the Scaled Protectors, the elite force of the Kingdom of Tragonfall restored order and peace. Palatine Vismos had issued a Holy Decree wich stated that Aabradal was to be reinstated as a holy site for the The Worshippers of the Dragon Pantheon and that leadership would from then on be shared by the clergy and the noble families. The Decree also stated that the High Temple of Misithanis should be build in the center of the Crater. The ten days would become known as the Battle of the Crater.  

Building the High Temple

Five years after the Battle of the Crater work began on the construction of the High Temple of Misithanis. Building the illustrious building took 12 years but in 478 the Temple was finished and three Palatines took residence in the city of Aabradal while the other two kept their place in the capital of Guruth
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