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Mojo Man

You've got a grandpaw who fought, yeah? Maybe yer great aunt, or yer second cousin's elvish navy buddy? Hell, even that crazy old greengrocer at the end of yer street would've said the term once or twice, if'n you two got talkin' long enough.
"Mojo Man..." sounds like an insult, don't it? Mind ye, sometimes it was. T'weren't ever a compliment, I know that, but least it ain't used like it is t'day - y'know, by paranoid feckers what don't like their magical new neighbors. Back in Wartime it was a unit, see.
Nothin' official, usually. I know them lizardfolk down south were up front about it, but the Union - fer instance - disbanded the lot 'fore the ink even dried on the Treaty. They were a controversial lot, see. Weren't always the most noble, though they'd blast ye fer callin' 'em mercenaries. Ain't too many "good nations" who were ready to deal with the toll o'their tactics.
Now I don't want ye goin' home thinkin' every Mojo Man was bad. T'ain't what I'm sayin'. What I am sayin' is t'keep yer eyes peeled, and watch who yer antagonizin'. They may've gotten decimated at the front same as any unit full o'mages, but only a damned fool will tell ye that they're gone fer good.   That's the thing 'bout warlocks and their like. They don't gotta be born to it like th'sorcerers, nor study so hard as wizards or druids or yer fancy technomancers. All they gotta do is say yes when some patron offers power for their services, and only some o'those patrons care for the even-tempered.
- Dewart "Dewey" Dewbarrow



There aren't many strict qualifications imposed on Mojo Men by other Mojo Men - the units themselves frequently only required that their members' patrons did not clash with one another. This way nobody had to draw straws to peel the Pelor cleric's hands off the Asmodeus warlock's throat every other week.   Their contracts to the clients that hired them tended to be much stricter as a matter of course. The Mojo Men were required to sign a document pledging loyalty to a nation or particular faction for the duration of their tour.   Essentially, this was an attempt to ensure that they would obey their employer over their patrons when their aims diverged from one another - the trouble with that being that deals with higher beings tend to blow mortal contracts entirely out of the water, so their terms of service were flagrantly violated by the time their units disbanded.

Other Benefits

Mojo Men tend to band together not out of any sense of duty toward their country, but because it is far easier to further the goals of one's god or patron when working with others of a similar bent.


Social Status

These units were once and are still often considered "outside" society - neither above nor below any regular citizen in terms of the respect they are given, but definitely subject to a lot of stares and whispers, like foreigners in their own hometowns.


Provided Services

Variable. A unit in the service of several good-aligned patrons may serve as an emergency medical task force or spec-ops rescue team, while once that serves neutral or evil-aligned patrons may be there for things broadly considered war crimes by polite society.
Alternative Names
Cult Corps
An essential Wartime unit kept under wraps.
Solidly grey-area. The practice of hiring a Mojo Man is entirely above-board, but what that individual does under whose command is another matter entirely.
Patriots Need Not Apply   Although Mojo Men are nearly always warlocks of some sort, they will accept those of other classes with similar aims. What those aims are depends entirely on the specific unit, but it is not uncommon to see clerics and paladins in the mix with several warlocks and perhaps the odd blood hunter.   What's important is that each individual is working primarily for some sort of higher power that so happens to align with the goals of whoever hires them. If those goals come out of alignment, it is not unheard of for the unit to turn on their worldly employers, as the punishment for that is temporary in comparison to breaking one's oath or directly disobeying a deity. Though a group of Mojo Men is often loathe to be considered mercenaries, the comparison is obvious to most civilians.

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