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Initially built by and for goblins, Cogfell remains a city of the small, catering mostly to larger folk as customers rather than full-time citizens. Bog-standard goblins still make up a large majority, while hobgoblins make up the ranks of the city guard and port authority. Bugbears are a rarer sight, but still unsurprising among such a wash of their goblinoid cousins.   Most other citizens are of races that can put up with their shenanigans and/or fit through the alleyways. Kobolds remain largely belowground (frequently plumbers and plant workers), kenku largely on rooftops (frequently chimney-sweeps and messengers). Gnomes and halflings tend to be put off by frequent explosions, ashen air, and kobold microaggressions, but a few handfuls have found their niches in the suburbs.   The suburbs, in fact, are the second most diverse areas in Cogfell - the first being its two harbor districts. Here one can find taller and stronger races working the shipping lines along Lake Nackle: humans, orcs, half-orcs, tabaxi, even the occasional goliath or locathah. These are often "dual citizens," if you will, splitting their time between Cogfell to the west of the lake and Hobblestead to the east.   These districts are often richer, but the goblins of Cogfell don't care to complain to the local gubment about it when they can simply swindle their fair share.


Mayor Novok is the nominal head of Cogfell affairs, but his title mostly exists so that the city qualifies for taxpayer funding.   The major voices of authority here are of the hobgoblin hierarchy, the rather senile "wisdom" of Elzur Vex the Wild Mage, and whoever is most intimidating in each district.


Spike Wall: Cogfell proper is surrounded by a wall constructed from the trees of the neighboring Warpwood Forest. Neighboring invaders are somewhat lacking, but between militaristic hobgoblins and trap-happy kobolds, the branches tend to be left on and sharpened to discourage climbing - not to mention it gives the logs some extra grip on each other. Elzur Vex has supposedly enchanted these logs to be fireproof, but given the unpredictable nature of magic, Elzur, and especially Elzur's magic, carrying an open flame near the wall will probably always net you a night in jail either way.   Settlement Stratagem: The Redshield District is aptly named. While the only risk from the east would be storm swells from Lake Nackle, Warpwood Forest may hold all manner of duplicitous characters. While, again, an invading army would be unlikely, the entirety of Cogfell's hobgoblin population sitting just behind the gate assures a rapid response just in case. In practice, various Captains of the Guard still boast that most criminal types are caught in Redshield before they ever pass through to bother the tourists. Yes, there is a selection bias inherent to that statement. No, Cogfell's native criminals have never seen fit to point this out.


Cogfell was built for goblins and those of a smaller stature, but one can tell that taller folk were certainly kept in mind. Not for their sake, mind you - plenty of crotchety old citizens decry "pandering" to the tall when no such courtesy is extended to small folk in tall cities - but for the sake of not shutting out potential customers. The docks are built for human-sized ships, and human-sized streets funnel from each city entrance directly to the center of town. Every business is built to accommodate a certain head height, if not by raising the ceiling then by giving the shop front a second floor. Even the stubborn will admit it's annoying speaking to your customer's knees.


  • Cogfell
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Cogfellian, "Cog-Goblin"
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