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Deep within the mountains of the world, guarded by powerful elementals drawn to the power radiating from the stone you will find rivers of crystaline milk poured through the stone. A material unlike any other.


Physical Characteristics

White stone is an ore that is often shaped into a gem like cut, rounded and spherical, though it can be worked and shaped into weapons. It is a creamy white, like a white swirling that almost always seems to be in movement.


Whitestone acts as an Adamantine weapon for the purposes of bypassing damage reduction, inherently carries a magical aura even if it's not enchanted. Beyond this it cuts keenly and is easily to be balanced.    Beyond this it takes magical enchantments very well and has the potential to spark new and powerful magic on its own when magic is mixed into it, making it a favored material for powerful enchanters.

Geology & Geography

Whitestone is found mostly on the continent of Ultan and the border line where it once was connected to Warden along the mountains on the southern coast. And while many of its mines exist in Elven land it is the trademark of the Human Empire.

Origin & Source

Whitestone, as far as geologists can discern is actually a mutation of adamantine, and ore veins of adamantine that are exposed to low but consistent levels of magical radiation can mutate over time into whitestone.

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