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Ken Ashcore

Clint, I don't things anymore. I might screw up, and everyone will hate me. Including myself.
— Ken, confiding with Clint before going back to war.

Character Summary

A hotshot Half-Wood Elf Bard who resides in Northgate. After a life of rules, education, and high expectations, he tried to cut ties with his past in Rivan. However, after unknown threats from his father, made a deal that if he wins the civil war in Rivan, he will be allowed his freedom. Conflicted, he agreed and goes back home to quell the rebellion. Thanks to his reputation as a soldier and his powerful weapon Indignation, Ken is the centerpiece of the war.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Tall, lanky, and fragile body type. Wears skin tight clothes that allow him easier mobility.

Body Features

Thin face, with shoulder length, fluffy black hair. Piercing green eyes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ken is the oldest of two children, and spent a majority of his life being pruned by his Father to surpass him. Starting early in his life, his teachers found he had a knack for the science of manipulating Fonons and casting spells. By the age of 12, Ken could perform multiple spells without exhaustion. This feat baffled his mentors, as wizards usually needed extensive years of training to manage that level of mastery before the spark. As a reward, his father allowed him on a trip to the free city of Northgate with his mentor Jacque.   On his first day, he fell in love with the liveliness of the city, specifically with the music-filled district of Golden Oak Hill. He was fascinated with the vast culture and people compared to his homeland. That night, The Spark occurred, causing massive destruction to Northgate, and the world as a whole. The shockwave knocked Ken out of bed, and debris fell onto Jacque, which knocked him unconscious, but alive. In this rare circumstance, Ken found his first taste of freedom and explored the city despite the rubble, flames, and terror.   After spending the night exploring, helping, and discovering Northgate further, he decided to rest at a secluded beach. Lost in thought, he cast a practice spell, and noticed the change The Spark had caused in Fonons. After some minutes of experimenting and interacting with these new, now shining fonons, he attempted a full spell. As he manipulated the fonon at their core with practiced technique, he noticed a change in behavior. The fonons dimmed and flickered, and as he split them in routine wizard fashion, the lights reacted poorly. The empathy Ken's mother had planted into him tugged at him. Though he could not fully communicate with fonons, he could feel that this method of magic was physically hurting them, and decided that being a full wizard was not for him.   After a few moments of inner crisis, he saw a young teenage girl with matted white hair wash up to shore, and he rushed over to her. On further inspection, he noticed this wasn't an ordinary girl, but one with a horn, and even a tail! In a panic he froze, shocked that one of the key enemies of Rivan laid before him. Looking at her soft face and features, he hesitated, facing a fear injected into him his whole life. Thoughts of all he was taught rushed into his head, but the same empathy as he felt with fonons pang instead, and checked her breathing. Alive. He attempted to pick up or pull her, but she was too heavy for him alone. Running to the nearest dock he found a middle aged, seasoned sailor who rescued her and took her in. He returned to his room and with his mind sparking like lightning, rethought everything he knew up to that point.   He continued his training, but switched to a new method of magic, becoming a bard. While his mentor chastised him, saying that this 'easier, weaker magic' was putting unnecessary limits on his abilities, but eventually accepted his decision.


Home schooled with the finest teachers through a traditional elven curriculum, including extra lessons in magic, tactics, and current events. Once an adult, continued his education as a soldier, focusing on leadership.


Being born into wealth, he did not need to earn his own coin, and instead focused on his studies and training. While still in Rivan, he lived most of his adult years as a soldier, pruned for promotion and working up the ranks, eventually titled as a General. Once he started out on his own he worked one-shot jobs that came easily with his knowledge and experience.

Mental Trauma

Thanks to the harsh teachings of his mentor Jacque Frostsoul, he has a fear of making imperfect decisions.

Morality & Philosophy

Despite fighting for the Empire, is openly not racist, despite the reaction other born Rivan people give. Does not believe Fonons are just an energy source, and treats magic with respect despite his heavy use of it.

Personality Characteristics


Fonon Personality: Red/Blue   Wishes to be free of his duties as the Rivan President's son, fighting the Rivana Civil War in exchange for it. Looks for perfection on himself, and holds himself to astronomical standards.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Quick learner, and able to easily adapt to different situations. Does not deal well with 50/50 crossroads, where there doesn't seem to be a right answer.

Likes & Dislikes

Loves pranks, magic, and freedom. Dislikes rules, hesitation, and ineptitude.



When looking to soften someone close to him, will whine with big eyes. "But Maesin...."


Ken Ashcore


Towards Maesin McMerin



Maesin McMerin


Towards Ken Ashcore




After three years of mentorship, Ken wooed Maesin at the farewell concert he threw for himself, singing a song for just her in front of the entire crowd.

Ken Ashcore

Ex-Student (Trivial)

Towards Jacque Frostsoul



Jacque Frostsoul

Ex-Mentor (Important)

Towards Ken Ashcore




Jacque has been a lifetime mentor to Ken, but Ken does not think much of him. While many of his skills and some of his wisdom was gained from Jacque, they have many glaring differences in morality that leads to conflict between the two.

Wealth & Financial state

Owns his own house in Northgate, but nobody knows how he paid for it. Is known to have a heavy coin purse of gold, and doesn't sweat money in general.
Current Location
Year of Birth
12 BC 27 Years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Light Green
Shoulder Length, Fluffy, Black
6' 3"
Known Languages
Common, Elven, Syvlan, Celestial

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Ken Ashcore

Bard Wizard 8 / 1 Class & Level
Noble Background
Half Elf Race
Neutral Good Alignment

Strength 9
Dexterity 12
constitution 10
intelligence 16
wisdom 16
charisma 18
Total Hit Dice 8
Hit Die 1d8+0
4 proficiency bonus
7 Passive perception
-1 Strength
5 Dexterity
0 Constitution
3 Intelligence
3 Wisdom
8 Charisma
saving throws
5 Acrobatics
5 Animal Handling
11 Arcana
1 Athletics
8 Deception
7 History
7 Insight
6 Intimidation
7 Investigation
5 Medicine
7 Nature
7 Perception
8 Performance
12 Persuasion
5 Religion
7 Sleight of Hands
3 Stealth
5 Survival
Hit Points
35 ft
Common, Elvish, Slyvan, Celestial
Bardic Magic: Up to Level 4
Wizard Magic: Up to Level 1

Current spells known:
Cantrips: Vicious Mockery, Dancing Lights, Mending, Booming Blade, Friends, Minor Illusion
Level 1: Faerie Fire Dissonant Whispers
Level 2: Heat Metal, Phantasmal Force, Pyrotechnics
Level 3: Stinking Cloud, Hypnotic Pattern, Counterspell, Major Illusion
Level 4: Watery Sphere, Dimension Door

Wizard Spells prepared:
Fog Cloud
Silent Image



Personality Traits




Features & Traits
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