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Jacque Frostsoul

I don't mind that you're teaching, Ken. I hate that you're sloppy!
— Jacque, scolding Ken after witnessing him teach Mae magic.

Character Summary

Jacque is a high ranking noble of Rivan who established The Congregation of Light shortly after The Spark. Much of his personal history is unknown, except that he was a talented Wizard. This feat was rare during that time period and he gathered high esteem for his talents. In the few years prior to The Spark, he was given the honor of teaching magic to Ken Ashcore, and became his wizarding mentor. Despite Ken's rash actions and questionable loyalty to Rivan, he considers his time with Ken a success and takes credit for his talents. He seems to have an advanced understanding of Fonons beyond the general public, as his organization's holy symbol takes the form of a tear shaped glass necklace with yellow fonic light. The rite of creating these are unknown, but all Paladins under him use them, and are more powerful than average. He has been seen manipulating ice beyond what is known to be capable through magic, though the exact nature of these abilities is unknown.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Jacque's mentorship to Ken Ashcore is considered a resounding success. Jacque is the inventor of the advanced Wizard spell Watery Sphere, the hallmark of his battlefield controller style of combat. This extremely difficult spell requires immense control and concentration as the caster finds, gathers, and compresses hundreds of blue fonons into droplets of water to form the sphere. Once Ken could perform this spell, the mentorship was considered complete. It is not known if he has taken an apprentice since.

Intellectual Characteristics

Organized, Patriotic, Persistent, Intelligent, Idealistic

Morality & Philosophy

Jacque, like a majority of Rivana is racist against races that are not Elvish or Human. He is extremely harsh and vocal on this belief, and it shows in many of his teachings.

Personality Characteristics


Fonic Personality: Blue/Yellow   Jacque is a perfectionist who holds high standards to himself and the people who serve his country. He strives to help make Rivana a perfect utopia, and does not compromise when it comes to what is allowed to be part of that.


Ken Ashcore

Ex-Student (Trivial)

Towards Jacque Frostsoul



Jacque Frostsoul

Ex-Mentor (Important)

Towards Ken Ashcore




Jacque has been a lifetime mentor to Ken, but Ken does not think much of him. While many of his skills and some of his wisdom was gained from Jacque, they have many glaring differences in morality that leads to conflict between the two.

Current Location
Year of Birth
23 BC 38 Years old
Medium-Long, White, Slicked back
6' 0"

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