Glacial Goddess

Though to look at her schematics on paper, this ship seems tight for a hundred and twenty, much less for carrying the three hundred that she can be loaded with, the Glacial Goddess is more spacious than she appears. The layout is set up as it is for the comfort and space of her crew, but there are presunk hooks in all the bunks to add hammocks to double the number of sleeping quarters if needed. However what makes the Glacial Goddess unique and one of a kind is the very timbers and iron sheeting of her bulkhead, all the way along her bow. For all those planks and the sheets of iron that make her capable of navigating all but the worst pack ice in Suranth's arctic waters, were lovingly and carefully hand crafted in combination by master Ironcliffe Runesmiths and the Masters Magisterium from the Suranthi Collegiate. Woven into the very fabric of the ship are these powers, making the iron light as timber, whilst as unbreaking and tough as steel. Allowing her framing to be longer, seemingly a bit off kilter, her draught very narrow, capable of sailing in quite shallow water, yet her frame stable. Her sails, expensive to maintain or repair, are similarly imbued, responding to even the slightest manipulation of will by her crew at the rigging. Her tiller and wheel responding with almost inexplicable speed, the magics woven into every component, allowing Captain Yvette more and tighter manuevorability by almost half than any ship she'll encounter in Suranthi waters, or even any ship known to Suranthi Military Intelligence all across Valerick.

Ye can't outrun 'er. Ye can't outposition 'er. An' ye most certainly can't fight her. Yer best hope, yer only prayer, ye nae e'er meet 'er. If'n ye do, just throw down yer weapons an' pray ta w'ate'er gods ya believe in she nae be actin' on a 'kill on sight warrant'. T'at be me advice anyway. She been dinged up, but t'at ship been sailin' near five years an' nae anyone 'as come close ta beatin' 'er. T'at is wit'out mentionin' them damned orca. Aye my advice, keep yer scores wealthy 'nough ta enjoy, but far 'nough apart ta nae draw ta much noteriety in one place. Cause if'n ye disrupt trade ta much in one area, well....that's when she gets called in."

An old salt corsair, talking to his younger, brasher fellow officers and new captain. A rare survivor from an engagement with the Glacial Goddess previously.

Power Generation

Lanterns, oil generally.


She is wind and water propelled, the runic protections and spells woven into her allowing her to be guided along leyline currents, the wheel warming pleasantly to the touch to allow the person steering her to know when you've successfully merged into a strong Uisce current.

Weapons & Armament

She is quite heavily armed for a mere frigate class, with four twenty pounder cannons on her top deck, meant to return fire should she ever be raked; that is have an opposition vessel try and sail broad ways across her bow or stern and think they can fire upon her for free. Besides this, her gun decks house another twenty guns, these sixteen pounder cannons. Besides this, she is a navy vessel, and as such, every man and woman aboard is armed and trained, with pistols, rifles and cutlasses or axes much in evidence. Added to this, there are always at least two fully trained and prepared War-Magisters on board, and a War-Priest of Sir Kartheart. Her deadliest weapon, however, is her entourage. The Glacial Goddess does not sail out on patrol without at least two of the Wolves of the Sea in her wake. If she is heading out with a target and engagement in mind, well then it'll be all nine of the Wolves of the pod whom's waters she is operating in, along with as many other ships from the local fleet (North, East or West) that Fleet Admiral Yvette feels like adding to her posse for the mission.

Armor and defense

Her greatest defense is the protective runes woven into every timber and plate. There are reports of her taking shot from twelve pound cannon and it barely scraping the paint off the timbers. This is not to say she is impervious. She's had masts cracked, holes punched, and even her wheel entirely shattered by one cannon shot gone awry once. But her crew is well trained and a crack team, they've always managed to figure out a way to get her to port and fix her after such engagements. Besides this, her reputation is her best defense. The Glacial Goddess, those snow white sails, the icy blue timbers, with the polished black-silver of the iron plating and the silver and sapphire figurehead made in the form of Saint Amelia Storm-born, these are sights that inspire great fear and terror amongst corsair, pirate and intelligent monstrous foe alike.

Communication Tools & Systems

Their best communication system is the orca, and their magisters. The connection the magisters keep and can maintain with the Wolves of the Sea, over impressive distances, well over forty or fifty kilometers, are a true boon. They are not just the Glacial Goddess' backup, the Wolves are her eyes and ears, and they are damn good at their job. Even if they have to leave that range of communication to find the target, they generally will, and one of them will head back, whilst the others spread out, keeping vocal communication, as they follow the target, one stopping the chase every few kilometers to swim tight circles until the Goddess catches up.
Glacial Goddess
The main Decks of the Glacial Goddess

Glacial Goddess Fore and Aft Deck Houses
Glacial Goddess Officer Quarters, Mess and Brig.
The Fore and Aft Deck Houses of the Glacial Goddess.
The Goddess
TRS (Tundra Realms' Ship)
Fearless, Valorous, Relentless!
Owning Organization
It is unknown how much Yvette and the Suranthi Government paid for this beauty of a ship
She is one of a kind
11 m beam
146 metres
60 metres at the main mast
1100 tons (all cargo not withstanding, we talking just ship and rigging and such here)
30 km/h or 16 knots
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Can carry up to 6 months of supplies, and Captain Yvette runs her ship with her own complement, unique to its design. As such she could take on up to an extra two hundred persons if needed, though admittedly this would be extremely cramped and not ideal.


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