The Formation of Targonia


This was the time when the human scribes discovered about the god's wager on the Material Plane.

Life had long existed before this date, with each race having a land of its own and its own history. However, humans did not have a homeland to call their own and became nomadic. They began to question while all the races trace their legacy back to a singular god, like the dwarves with Moradin and the elves with Correllon, and others. This caused humans to be curious and search for answers. This was when a particular group of scholars, their names long lost in the sands of time, discovered about the god's wager on the Material Plane when they had placed bets on which domain of creation would prevail. This has incentivized the humans to unite against the gods and began to reach out to the other races with their discoveries and have them unite. The continent that once had been unnammed was then given one: Targonia.